WWE Total Divas Sees Big Drop In Viewers This Week

Last night's episode of WWE Total Divas on the E! network drew 584,000 viewers. This is down 20% from last week's 734,000 viewers, which was a new high for season 6. This was the third show in its new timeslot.

This week's Total Divas ranked #35 on the Cable Top 150, a big drop from last week's #12 spot.

Below is a look at the viewership breakdown for this season:

Episode 1: 632,000 viewers
Episode 2: 461,000 viewers
Episode 3: 595,000 viewers
Episode 4: 563,000 viewers
Episode 5: 556,000 viewers
Episode 6: 705,000 viewers
Episode 7: 734,000 viewers
Episode 8: 584,000 viewers
Episode 9:

Source: ShowBuzz Daily


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