Zack Ryder As A Power Ranger?, WWE UK Star Receives Medical Attention (Video), WWE Shop Sale

- Near the end of his match against Jordan Devlin, Danny Burch had a nasty cut open up on the back of his head. Along with quite a bit of blood, the end of the match had some controversy when it looked like Burch had kicked out of the pin in time, but the ref gave the win to Devlin. In the video, Tyler Bate made an appearance saying to Burch, he will "Get him back for ya." Bate and Devlin will meet up in the next round.


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- sent out a tweet saying that they thought Zack Ryder would make for a good Red Power Ranger.

On his Instagram Ryder responded: "I'm down...but I gotta be the Purple Ranger." Back on Twitter, Johnny Gargano joined in saying he wanted to be the Green Ranger, showing off an older picture of him in costume.