Alberto Del Rio On How He Got Together With Paige, Paige Reacts To The Rock's Movie On Her Family

As noted, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and current WWE Superstar Paige joined Busted Open Radio to discuss the announcement of Paige's new movie being produced by WWE Studios and The Rock's Seven Bucks Production company. Below are some of the highlights:

Paige on being happy for her family after the film's announcement:

"Luckily it's about the family, which selfishly I'm happy for myself but mostly, selflessly I'm happy for my family because they deserve everything and more. They've worked really hard. My dad has been working in the business for like 20 years and he hasn't had anything. He has his company and stuff so he's always taking knock backs and stuff. So finally it's a place where he can star evolving his company and family, get the spotlight they deserve. I'm really thankful for Dwayne and Steven for taking a chance on it, and WWE obviously. It's going really well and it's going to start going into production in a couple of weeks. We're super excited and I'm really really happy."

Del Rio talks having Paige by his side and her knowing what it's like being in the business:

"That's what brought us together, because we started riding together, flying together, going to places - and this is something funny because I always promised myself that I would date someone from the business. But that's what brought us together because she's a third generation wrestler, I'm a third generation wrestler, we go through the same stuff. When you're in this business you bleed, you cry, you go through a lot of things and it's amazing to have someone next to you to help you go through all of those things. Good or bad."

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Source: Busted Open Radio


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