Brian Cage On Wrestler Copying His Donald Trump Gimmick, NXT Star Imitating Him, Konnan's Reaction

Brian Cage spoke with Sports Illustrated's "Extra Mustard" section about CMLL's Sam Adonis, who received a lot of attention for using a Donald Trump gimmick, which Cage did first in Mexico at AAA's TripleMania in 2015. Adonis' gimmick even attracted CNN to do an article on him and not Cage. Here are some of the highlights:

Sam Adonis not giving credit:

"I'm not crying, I'm not upset, but the kid is copying me and he's acting like he came up with the idea. When he's been asked where he came up with it, he totally evades the question. And I'm not trying to say that the idea was so creative or original on my end, but I had the balls to do it in Mexico. If he made some mention toward me, I'd be a lot less annoyed. As for the stories on him, it's some poor journalism. The people writing the story probably don't care about wrestling or that they're spreading this story wrongfully, and it's become a really annoying frustration."

Wearing the shirt in Mexico:

"So I wore a Trump shirt at TripleMania, which is AAA's version of WrestleMania, in 2015. I asked Konnan, who was the booker at the time, 'Am I going to [get] shot for this?' but Konnan thought it was great."

WWE NXT Star, Patrick Clark, attempting the same gimmick:

"[NXT's] Patrick Clark tried to imitate me in some gym in Florida, but really, who cares? Doing this in Mexico is a whole different story."

Brian Cage also spoke on where he got the idea from and why he thinks Adonis is using the gimmick. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Sports Illustrated


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