Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving made headlines last week when he questioned if the Earth was flat, a viewpoint shared by some celebrities and athletes, including Tila Tequila, B.o.B. and BJ Penn. According to Daniel Bryan on last night’s episode of Talking Smack, AJ Styles is in that group as well.

“Hey AJ, you want to talk about how the Earth is flat,” Bryan asked AJ, who was seated next to him. “He [Styles] legitimately believes that the Earth is flat.”

Styles denied that he outright believed that the Earth is flat, however suggested that there may be some validity to the arguments supporting it.

“I do not think the world is flat, I’m just saying there’s some stuff about it,” Styles said.

Bryan joked about Styles being a “flat-earther” and told him that “the Earth is a sphere.”

“OK,” Styles replied. “Good. I’m not a ‘flat-earther.’ I’m just saying there’s some stuff about it that makes sense. I don’t think you can handle it.”