ECW Original Discusses Mass Transit, Sandman Cruxifixction Angle, Toughest Guy In ECW, More

I had the pleasure of sitting down with ECW original and former WWE wrestler, The Blue Meanie for an exclusive interview in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Here are some highlights from the full video interview above.


How Blue Meanie got his big break in ECW:

"Raven saw me do a moonsault at any Indy show in Pittsburgh. Raven said, "I need that, I need that in my act!" If you ever watch a Raven match he always has guys running interference. And listening to Raven call a match it was going to school. I was so fortunate to work with him."

Mass Transit Incident:

"The funny thing is I thought he was security from the building. He's in the locker room and is walking around and we had pitchers of waters. And I was wondering why is the security guard drinking our stuff? Why is this guy eating (from) our catering? And he sits down next to Taz and he lights up a cigarette. And Taz, who is Mr. health nut, just shot him a look. (Mass Transit) wanted to go over what he wanted to do and Dudleys and New Jack just stared at him and said, "stop."


The toughest guy in ECW:

"We had a locker room full of bruisers I don't get Tracy's Smothers mad at you. Mischief night the night before Halloween, we are in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, and there's a crowd full of college kids. The Gangstas, Dudleys and Eliminators are in the ring. And then Balls (Mahoney) and Axel (Rotten) come. One of these college kids grabs Axel. Everybody in the locker room clears out. Everyone who is in the ring that sees us jumps into out crowd. Long story short, Tracey Smothers runs out there in a towel and he just took a shower and he's yelling at the cops "(in Smothers accent) "come on man. And the riot police come and they have these K9s. And he's (Tracey) shadow boxing these K9s! Tommy Dreamer literally had to grab him and say Tracey stop. (Laughing) he was willing to fight these dogs. I got so many Tracey Smothers stories. One of the toughest guys in ECW locker room for sure."

Sandman crucifixion controversy:

"In hindsight, when I saw the reaction it had on people, I felt bad. ECW always pushed the envelope. We were always on the edge of that line. And that was the night we cross the line. You could feel the vibe. And Raven takes great pride in saying he gave the most insincere apology. But he believes in his art. Growing up raised Catholic and my mom and grandma super religious I was saying to myself geez I hope they don't see this."


Source: GOProWrestling YouTube Channel