John Corrigan recently interviewed former WCW and WWF ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta. You can read the full interview at WrestleDelphia, they sent us these highlights:

Why do you think Gorilla Monsoon took such a liking to you?

“I think he felt sorry for me. (laughs) To this day, I don’t know. I’ve communicated with his daughter and all she could come up with is ‘he liked you.’ That works for me. Visually, I was a good choice because the wrestlers aren’t as huge as they are today. I’m short so I made everyone else look bigger. I also have a very conservative look to me. The contrast was probably effective. Since they never smartened me up, I was terrified half the time. It was probably an entertaining sight.”

What do you think about the Jimmy Snuka homicide charges being dropped and did you hear anything about it back in the day?

“His girlfriend was injured at one of the TV tapings we were doing, but I didn’t know it was going on at the time. I think the question people should be asking is why wasn’t it pursued back then. We’re talking Central Pennsylvania. Remember that everyone who worked in wrestling in Pennsylvania and New Jersey had to be licensed by the state. We’re also talking about a time and a place where there was a Dr. Zahorian, who we can talk about because he was convicted of distributing steroids. I remember that very well, that I was there for and that I can speak to. So we’re talking about influential people coming from big cities and buying their way through whatever they needed in order to make those TVs happen and to make their product flourish. That’s the question that should have been asked a long time ago.”

Leaving WCW before the Monday Night Wars:

“I often joke that if you want your promotion to skyrocket through the roof, hire me, then fire me, and then BOOM, you’ll fly to heights you’ve never seen before. I actually knew about the Nitro show before it was announced. I received a call from somebody in the WCW offices in Atlanta in June and he whispered. ‘Hey Gar, Gar, I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing, but something big is happening and you’ll probably want to be a part of it. Why don’t you give Eric Bischoff a call?'”

Paul Heyman looking to replace Joey Styles:

“I couldn’t see anyone doing what Joey did other than Joey. I didn’t know a lot about ECW, but what I did know was the hardcore style. That wasn’t and isn’t my style. Sorry ECW fans, but I looked at it as a garbage promotion. But I have to say, I looked at it that way with ignorance. I’ve never seen an ECW TV production. It’s just what I heard. So it’s a combination of I didn’t want to be associated with the product and I couldn’t imagine anyone doing what Joey Styles did other than Joey Styles.”

Never working for TNA:

“TNA never asked me. If I had a show, I’d want younger blood in there doing announcing. I don’t think I’d want a 60-year-old guy doing it. If I come in to do a title match on an NWA show, it’s different because I can bring in seriousness and an importance to a match. If you brought me in to TNA and I did all the matches, that importance, that seriousness would dwindle.”