Former WWE Diva Announces Split With Husband

Former WWE Diva Celeste Bonin, f.k.a. Kaitlyn, announced that she is splitting with her husband, PJ Braun. The couple got married in June of 2014.

Bonin said that she was hoping that the split would be amicable, but noted that Braun took ownership of the domain name of her fitness clothing company,, and shut the website down. She has created a temporary domain for the website, which is at She said that she hopes to have the old domain back in the next day or two. She confirmed that Celestial Bodiez and Braun's company, Blackstone Labs, will be divided.

She apologized to fans who had been trying to access her website unsuccessfully and promised to keep fans updated and that "everything will be amazing."

For anyone who missed us today we are sorry. @celestialbodiez temporary domain is Please check out the full video on our Facebook page tomorrow , If you emailed us today and have not heard a response please forward your concerns to [email protected] Thank you all for your support.

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