Former WWE Manager Named Head Of TNA Creative, TNA Creative Team Departure, Jeff Jarrett's New Role

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that TNA sent out an email to talent stating that Dutch Mantel, f.k.a. Zeb Colter in WWE, is now the head of creative.

John Gaburick, who used to head creative with Danid Lagana and Matt Conway as the writers, is staying with the company and will be at TV tapings working as a consultant and running the gorilla position. It was noted that Gaburick will not be involved with creative going forward with the exception of providing feedback to the new team.


As noted, David Lagana announced his departure from TNA last November. Conway has also left the company, so the creative team has completely changed from last year.

Jeff Jarrett's will oversee creative and his title is Chief Creative Officer. He is not expected to be on television in the near future, although Johnson wrote that it's likely that Karen will have an on screen role as soon as this Thursday.

Johnson also reported that long-time TNA employee Bill Banks has left the company, although it was said that his decision was not based on the recent changes in the company, but rather him wanting to return to the Northeast and move on to other things in his life. Banks had previously worked on the creative team in WWE and WCW.