Impact Wrestling
Taped @ The Impact Zone In Orlando, Florida

The show opens with the Race for The Case winners each shown individually backstage. Jeff Hardy, The DCC, Eli Drake and Trevor Lee are all set to reveal their open challenges tonight. A video follows this of last week's Ironman match main event and a preview for tonight's Open Fight Night..... After the video airs, We are in The Impact Zone and The Broken Hardy's make their way to the ring. Brother Nero(Jeff Hardy) has the #1 case in his hand. He is set to reveal his choice. Before he does that, Broken Matt hypes up 'Open Fight Night' and his brother Nero. Matt says that the conquest of the Hardy's is merely beginning. He says that the voices of the 7 deities have grown louder within him. Matt states that he has been shown a never ending wave of championships and challenges. Tag team gold that the Hardy's must win again and again and again. Matt repeats the again line several times in unison with the crowd.

Matt says that they have been mandated to be the greatest tag team in all of space and time. To do all of this, The 7 deities have given The Hardy's a teleportation mechanism... The Hardy's are going to go on an international expedition. Matt says that many teams did not have the courage to accept their challenge for Total Nonstop Deletion. So they are left with no choice but to go after them. Broken Matt mentions The Bucks Of Youth, The Day of New and The Family of Wyatts. Matt says that they are going to delete every team they face. Brother Nero is then given the floor by Matt. Jeff announces that tonight, he challenges Bobby Lashley for the World Championship. Jeff says that he is entering the solo dimension to once again be world champ.

Bobby Lashley's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Lashley tells the Hardy's that he knew that their paths would cross sooner or later. He says that The Hardy's may be broken and obsolete, but that they are not stupid. Lashley expected this and accepts Jeff's challenge. Jeff tells his brother Matt to go backstage to his family. He wants to face Lashley alone. The show goes to it's first break.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Lashley dominates the early going of this one. He sends Jeff to the outside early and then he greets him with a lariat when Jeff returns inside the ring. Lashley suplexes Hardy and then sets up for a spear. Jeff sidesteps Lashley's spear attempt and begins to finally mount some offense. Jeff dropkicks Lashley into the corner and covers him for a 2 count. The action heads to the outside and Jeff leaps onto Bobby with a double axe handle. He then sets up the steel ring steps at ringside for use later. Jeff then rams Lashley onto the apron and steel guardrail repeatedly. Jeff then hits a twist of fate on Lashley, heads back inside to break the count, and then returns to Lashley. Bobby is lying in wait and takes control. He ends up power bombing Jeff onto the steel ring steps.

After being admonished by the referee for using the steel steps. Lashley heads back to Jeff and beats down on him, as the show goes to break..... After the break, Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy are now inside the ring. Lashley is in full control. Jeff eventually starts to rally. He hits a double kick combo on Lashley and grounds him. Jeff then hits the twist of fate on Lashley and heads to the top rope. Hardy hits the swanton bomb on Lashley, and it leads to a near pinfall. Jeff heads back to the top rope again. He connects on yet another swanton bomb. Jeff goes for the cover but Lashley manages to place his foot on the bottom rope before the ref can count to 3. Action back outside now, Jeff throws Lashley into the ring steps. He then leaps off the steps and into Lashley. Jeff then rolls into the ring, and attempts a springboard senton but Lashley moves out of the way. Jeff lands hard on the ringside floor. Lashley throws Jeff into the ring and sets up for a spear. He connects with it, covers Jeff and pins him for the victory.

Bobby Lashley defeats Jeff Hardy by pinfall to retain The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

After the match. As Bobby Lashley is celebrating his victory. Eddie Edwards music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Edwards gets into the ring. He congratulates Lashley on his successful title defense. Edwards also compliments Lashley for being a great champ and beating him last week. Lashley responds to Edwards by stating that he doesn't need his praise. Edwards says that he is out here to get his rematch for The World Championship. He calls Lashley Triple B. Lashley asks Eddie what Triple B means. Edwards says that the nickname is "b---h Boy Bobby"...... Eddie tries to get the fans to chant the nickname with little success. Lashley rips on Edwards for pandering to the crowd and his lame jokes. Lashley says that when Edwards was champ, He made Bobby jump through hoops to get a title shot. He says that he should just say no to Edwards request. Edwards calls Lashley "Triple B" again and demands the rematch. Lashley agrees to give Edwards a rematch but that he will only give him one single opportunity to get the world title back. He states that once he beats Edwards again. He will send him back to the kiddie table because his championship is the big boy title.

Tyrus and Eli Drake are shown backstage. The camera man confronts them to get an answer to who Drake will challenge tonight with his case. Tyrus says that it's a secret that will be revealed later. Tyrus promises that they will shock the world.

Back from the break. The Impact digital exclusive from last week is shown. Where Rosemary extended an invitation to Brandi Rhodes to join Decay in the video below.

Brandi Rhodes is now shown backstage talking to McKenzie Mitchell in front of The Knockouts locker room. When they end their conversation. Rosemary confronts Brandi yet again.

Rosemary makes another pitch to Brandi to join The Decay. She asks her to follow them into the darkness. Brandi says no and pleads with Rosemary to leave her alone. Rosemary says that they decide when this over not her.

Aron Rex is now shown riding in his own customized cart with his assistant Spud. A carpet is rolled out by Spud for Rex to walk on.......

Back in The Impact Zone. Both Sienna and Brooke make their way to the ring for the next match.

Sienna w/Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Brooke

Brooke starts off the match hot. She hits a dropkick and a tilt a whirl headscissors. She then hits a facebuster on Sienna and covers her for a near pinfall. Maria tries to intervene in the match and gets on the apron. Brooke starts to chase after Maria. Brooke chases her into the ring and a recovered Sienna tackles Brooke down to the mat. Sienna takes control. She beats down Brooke and sends her flying to the outside, and onto the steel steps. Sienna then distracts the referee while Maria stomps on a fallen Brooke. Maria then throws Brooke into the ring and Sienna covers her for a 2 count. Sienna dominates the next few minutes of the match. Maria gets on the apron and distracts Earl Hebner. While this is happening, Sienna chokes out Brooke. Sienna and Brooke start exchanging strikes but Sienna gets the best of her. Sienna then attempts the AK47 but Brooke counters out of it. She starts to muster up some offense. She hits a backbreaker and then attempts to suplex Sienna but she breaks out of it. Sienna goes for the silencer, Brooke evades her and locks in a reverse bridge chinlock. Sienna is close to tapping out but powers out of the move. Brooke hits a backbreaker on Sienna and then heads to the top. Maria pushes Brooke off of the top. Sienna takes advantage by hitting Brooke with the silencer and pins her.

Sienna defeats Brooke by pinfall

After the match, Maria taunts a fallen Brooke..... James Storm and the DCC are backstage. They are looking forward to revealing their open fight night challenge.

Back from the break. Aron Rex is in his dressing room with Spud. He is having makeup applied. Spud rips on The makeup women for not applying it on correctly. He dismisses her from the room and applies it himself. They both talk about Rex making future media appearances. Spud and Rex get into an argument when Spud calls Rex bloody fabulous. Rex says that he doesn't like the description of violence or bodily fluids. Spud corrects himself and they agree on Rexcellent as a proper term.

The DCC are now inside the ring. Josh Mathews mentions on commentary that they can't challenge for the tag team titles because Jeff Hardy competed in the opening match. James Storm is now on the mic and challenges The Decay to a falls count anywhere match. The Decay arrives on the scene to accept the challenge.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
The Death Crew Council (James Storm, Bram & Eddie Kingston) vs. The Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve)

Rosemary makes her way to ringside with The Decay. All 5 men immediately start brawling at ringside. Tables are set up on the outside. The DCC attempt to power bomb Steve through a table that is draped between the ring and guardrail, but he escapes. All 5 men battle into the crowd. The DCC gains the advantage on Abyss by hitting him with trash cans. Abyss fights back and Steve heads into the stands. He leaps off of them and onto all 3 members of The DCC. This leads to the first pinfall attempt of the match.

The action heads back to the ring with The Decay now in control. Abyss gets out a bag of thumbtacks, Steve gets hold of the barb wired board. Abyss attempts to chokeslam Kingston onto the tacks but he breaks out of it with a low blow. Kingston heads to the top rope and ends up getting misted by Rosemary. Abyss capitalizes on this and chokeslams Kingston onto the tacks. Steve covers for the pinfall but it is broken up.

James Storm hits a lung blower on Abyss. He then hits a side winder suplex on Crazzy Steve. Abyss tries to chokeslam Storm onto the barb wire board but Bram makes the save when he nails him with a beer bottle. Storm then hits the last call kick on Abyss and he falls onto the board. Steve is now left alone to fend for himself. He uses a steel chair to help aid his cause. Eventually the numbers game catches up to him. Bram piledrives Steve through a table draped between the ring and guardrail. Bram then pins him for the victory.

The DCC defeats The Decay

Back from the break. Don West promotes an old school "brown bag special sale". 30 different 8 by 10 posters of past and current TNA superstars. With photos of Austin Aries, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode featured in the ad.

Maria and The Miracle approach Braxton Sutter backstage. Maria tells Braxton that he has to propose to Laurel Van Ness and marry her. Braxton doesn't want to do it but Maria reminds him that if he doesn't. Allie is going to suffer. The Miracle tries to get Braxton to lighten up. He tells him that he needs a strong woman by his side. Bennett promises to throw Sutter a great bachelor party.

Back in The Impact Zone. The Impact Grand Champion Drew Galloway makes his way to the ring. Galloway says that he made a bold statement by saying that he is going to make The Grand Championship more important than The World Title. Drew admits that many people are down on the Grand Championship but he doesn't think that it's because of the concept or rules. He believes that it has to do with his injury and Aron Rex's reign as champ. Drew says that tonight may be 'Open Fight Night" but that it's always open fight night for him as long as he is champ. Galloway promises to put his title on the line against anyone and anywhere. Out comes former champ Moose. Moose takes issue with the way Galloway beat him last week by "kicking him in the nuts". Moose insults Drew and heads to the ring after him. Galloway escapes from the ring. Drew tells Moose that people don't want to see them wrestle yet again. Drew says that he has a different opponent in mind and he tells Moose to "bugger off". Galloway announces his opponent tonight as "this guy". Out comes "Rob Rizen".

Impact Grand Championship Match
Drew Galloway (c) vs. Rob Rizen

Round One: Grand opening, Grand closing..... This actually takes longer than expected. Galloway toys with Rizen. He tries to get him to fire up. Galloway then beats down "This Guy" for the next couple of minutes. Rizen fights back for a second but then eats a spike piledriver. Galloway hits the future shock DDT and pins Rizen to win the match.

Drew Galloway defeats Rob Rizen by pinfall in round one to retain The Impact Grand Championship

Before the commercial break, Shane Helms and Trevor Lee are backstage and hype their open challenge for later in the show. When the show returns, Trevor Lee heads to the ring with Shane Helms and his briefcase in hand. Lee says that DJZ has been ducking him for way too long. He mocks DJ for being injured after what The Helms Dynasty did to him last week. Helms grabs the mic and challenges DJZ to come out and put his X Division title on the line in a ladder match. DJ Z limps his way to the ring for the next match.

X Division Title Ladder Match
DJZ (c) vs. Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms

Z's right ankle is heavily bandaged. DJ actually gets the early advantage despite his injury. He gets out the ladder and attempts to climb to the title. Lee takes the ladder away from him. Z ends up diving onto Lee at ringside. A recovered Trevor Lee targets DJ Z's right leg and rams it against the ladder. Lee climbs up the ladder but Z gets up and topples the ladder. Helms tries to intervene. The distraction gives Lee the chance to recover and he hits Z with "The Caveman Punch". Lee now goes to work on Z's leg. Trevor uses the ladder as a weapon and slams it down on Z's injured leg. DJ battles back and slams the ladder into Trevor's face. He then attempts to climb the ladder. Lee rushes up to the top of the ladder and both men trade strikes. Z knocks Lee down but struggles to get his footing and climb up. As Lee gets back to his feet, DJ jumps off the ladder and hits the ZDT on him. DJ now makes his way up the ladder. Helms gets Trevor Lee a steel chair. Lee whacks Z's injured leg with the chair and knocks him off of the ladder. Lee then traps DJZ's leg in the steel chair and places the ladder on top of the chair. Trevor Lee climbs up the ladder and gets the X division title.

Trevor Lee defeats DJZ to become The New X-Division Champion

The cameraman approaches Eli Drake and Tryus backstage yet again. He once again asks them to reveal their open fight night challenge. Tyrus says that it isn't happening now. He says that the challenge is going to be the greatest of all time. The show heads to break and when it returns. Aron Rex and Spud are backstage chanting Aron's name with large cue cards. Robbie E interrupts and mocks them. Robbie challenges Rex to a match. Rex accepts for next week.

Eli Drake and Tyrus are now in the ring. Eli Drake is still in his self imposed code of silence. Tyrus insults the "dummies" in the crowd. He asks for a drumroll from the crowd before announcing Eli's challenge. The fans oblige and Tyrus mocks them for doing so. He tells Drake that he was right that the fans are stupid. Before Tyrus can make the full announcement, the lights go out and EC3 makes his way to the ring. Carter makes his way into the ring as Tyrus tries to insult him for being injured. Tyrus makes Carter show his bruised midsection and laughs at him.

Eli Drake cheapshots EC3 from behind and the bell rings for this match.

Eli Drake w/Tyrus vs. Ethan Carter III

The idea behind this match is that Drake wants to take advantage of his chief rival by injuring him further. EC3 momentarily fights back but Drake regains the advantage as the show heads to break.... Drake is beating down EC3 on the outside when the show returns. EC3 tries to battle back but is thrown into the guardrail. Drake gets out a baseball bat from under the ring. He attempts to hit Carter with it but Ethan is able to fight back and get away from Drake. Action back inside. Drake is back in control and works over Carter. Drake hits a backbreaker on EC3 and continues to beat down on him. Everytime Carter attempts a comeback, His efforts are quickly shut down until late in the match. Carter hits a clothesline on Drake to knock him down. He then connects with a jawbreaker. His rally is short lived when Drake knocks him down with a lariat. Drake attempts to hit his finisher on EC3 twice but Carter counters out. He then rolls up Drake suddenly and pins him.

Ethan Carter defeats Eli Drake by pinfall

After the match. Drake is on the outside. He is angry and argues with Tyrus. He grabs a baseball bat and heads to the ring. He strikes Carter with it and then hits an inverted stunner on EC3. He then proceeds to beat him down with the baseball bat repeatedly. The lights go out and The DCC are now in the ring. They surround Eli Drake and Tyrus. They tease going after them but instead end up stomping on EC3. Drake starts laughing but moments later, The DCC go after him and Tyrus. James Storm hits the last call kick on Drake. Tyrus gets roughed up on the outside by Bram and Kingston. The DCC then sets up a steel chair inside the ring and they spike piledrive EC3 on it. The show ends with The DCC standing tall over Ethan Carter and Eli Drake.