Impact opens with a video of the recent events leading into tonight's show. Starting with The Hardy's being "transported" last week to Tijuana, Mexico. Where they will begin their "Expedition of Gold" at the Auditorio Municipal, against Super Crazy & Psicosis. The video also shows the conclusion of last week's World Championship match between Lashley and Eddie Edwards. Which saw Eddie's Wolves partner Davey Richards betray him. The opening five minutes of the show are featured in the video below.

We are now in the Impact Zone, and Decay's new theme "Left Behind" hits as they make their way to the ring for this mixed tag match.

Rosemary & Crazzy Steve w/Abyss Vs. Brandi Rhodes & Moose

Madison Rayne is in on commentary for this mixed tag match. Standard mixed tag rules where the men and women can only wrestle each other. Rosemary teases starting things off with Brandi first, but instead tags in Crazzy Steve. Moose has to come in now. Rosemary distracts him and Steve leaps onto his back and rakes him in the eyes. Steve then does 2 straight basement dropkicks on Moose. He goes for a third but Moose fires up and knocks Steve down with a shoulder tackle. On commentary, The Pope talks about Moose coming to the defense of Cody's wife last week. Mathews chimes in, and in a roundabout way, mentions how he would appreciate someone coming to the aid of his wife. Rayne is of course Josh's wife. She is sitting right next to him here... Moose is in control until Abyss gets involved. He attacks Moose and throws him into the ring steps. Brandi runs into the ring to object. Referee Earl Hebner tries to get Brandi back into her corner. This distraction enables The Decay to double team Moose on the outside, while Rosemary screams at Brandi and taunts her. Crazzy Steve controls the next few minutes of the match by grounding Moose with a chinlock. Moose eventually battles back and starts trading strikes with Crazzy Steve. When Moose wins the exchange, Abyss reaches into the ring, grabs Moose and helps Steve retake control of the match. In a cool spot, Steve charges at Moose, gets rolled up and then Moose powerbombs Steve with one arm. He launches him over the top rope and onto Abyss at ringside. Rosemary now climbs onto Moose's back. Brandi gets into the ring and pulls Rosemary down. She then delivers a couple of chops to her. Brandi then connects with a second rope missile dropkick on Rosemary. Brandi and Moose now work in tandem against Rosemary and Crazzy Steve. They hit stereo Moose style punches and then hit a stereo "game changer" on Steve and Rosemary. Moose covers and pins Steve, and they get the victory.

Moose & Brandi Rhodes defeat Crazzy Steve & Rosemary

Eddie Edwards is now shown backstage. The cameraman attempts to interview him. Edwards says he is not here to talk. He is headed to the ring to kick Davey Richards ass.

Back from the break, Moose and Brandi are backstage celebrating their victory. Moose says Brandi has his number if she ever needs help again. He calls Brandi "Mini Moose".

Highlights are shown from last week where Davey Richards betrayed his Wolves partner Eddie Edwards.... Now back in The Impact Zone and Edwards music hits. He rushes into the ring and grabs a mic. He says that he is going to make this short and to the point. He wants to beat up Davey Richards. Edwards calls last week, the lowpoint of his entire career. He can't believe that his partner/brother would betray him, but what angered him more was how Davey forced his wife to watch him get beat up. Edwards says that Davey crossed the line and he calls him out..... Out comes Angelina Love instead. She tells Eddie that only she can determine when Davey comes out. Angelina asks Eddie, what he is so mad about it.. She questions where Edwards was when Richards tore his ACL. She asks Edwards where he was when she was 9 months pregnant and Richards was limping around trying to help her at home.... Love says that now Edwards can get Richards and introduces Davey as 'The American Wolf'. Richards comes to the stage and joins his wife. Richards yells at Edwards and tells him that he made The American Wolves. He says that Eddie was a nobody before he discovered him. Richards warns Edwards to walk away. Eddie instead charges at Richards and they start brawling near the ramp. Security runs out and attempts to break the two men up. More security comes out. Edwards gets in the ring, grabs the mic and says that this isn't over. He challenges Davey Richards to an anything goes street fight tonight.

Footage is now shown from Braxton Sutter's bachelor party from "last night"... Mike Bennett is drunk and has invited only his friends. Braxton is bored and miserable. Bennett introduces some of his friends to Sutter. One of them is smoking and appears to be getting high. The other is a football player who played against Moose, and another is an older man who Bennett claims is only 28 years old.

When the show returns from the break. We are now at The Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana, Mexico.

The Hardy's are arriving to the venue. They are greeted by several fans who chant delete as they head inside. Matt asks one of the security guards if he is working for that dastardly "MeekMahon". The guard responds in Spanish that he isn't and that they want to actually delete "MeekMahon". Matt responds by saying that it is his goal to delete the dastardly MeekMahon and all of his evil servants.... Matt then demands to see the promoter, so that they he can procure the Mexican tag team championships of the world. Matt and Nero then make their way inside the Auditorio. They lead a delete chant on the stage for the live crowd. Matt and Nero then head backstage. Matt bumps into a masked luchador. The luchador takes off his mask and says his name is Ryan, and that he speaks English. Matt asks him if he is a member of The Mexican Tag Team Champions of the world. Ryan says that Matt is going to have to talk to the promoter. Matt and Nero then speak Spanish to "Ryan" before they head off to find the promoter.... Brief clips are then shown hyping later tonight. Where The Hardy's meet up with Konnan and wrestle Psicosis and Super Crazy.

Footage is now shown of Laurel Van Ness and her bachelorette party from "last night". Allie surprises them when Laurel, Sienna and Maria arrive. Allie has designed the room with hearts and balloons. Maria has told Allie to design the party but she is disappointed that Allie's design looks like if it were designed for a child. Maria then teases Allie and reveals to her that Laurel will be marrying Braxton Sutter next week on Impact.

Eddie Kingston Vs. Jessie Godderz

Eddie Kingston actually arrives to the ring without his DCC counterparts in James Storm and Bram. Evenly contested match. Jessie controls the action in the early going. Kingston battles back and counters Godderz with a suplex. He then beats down on Gooderz and applies a bear hug. Jessie breaks out of the hold. He builds up momentum and ends up hitting a second rope blockbuster for a near fall.

The action heads towards the ring apron. Both men trade strikes. Kingston hits an STO on Godderz for a near fall. He tries to hit a backfist on Gooderz. Jessie hits a back kick and heads back to the apron. Jessie then hits a springboard forearm and pins Kingston in under 5 minutes.

Jessie Godderz defeats Eddie Kingston

After the match, The lights go out and when they come back on. James Storm and Bram are in the ring with their masks on. Jessie has escaped from the ring and is on the rampway. Jessie tells the DCC that he has their number. They signal towards him.

Back to the bachelor party. Braxton Sutter is offered drugs by one of Mike Bennett's friends. Whatever he was offering is blurred out on screen. Sutter goes over to Bennett and tells him that he wants to take off. Bennett asks Sutter to stay and see his friend George's Simon Diamond impression. Bennett calls Sutter a party pooper. He pleads with Braxton to stay because he doesn't want to go home to his wife. We now see one of Mike's other friends "Ben The Hen". He climbs up a ladder and leaps onto Bennett's stoner friend on the couch.

When the show returns from the break. We see Laurel's bachelorette party. The women are bored. Maria is still fuming over Allie's designs. She pops one of her balloons. Allie tries to cheer Maria up and shows her a piñata and gives her what she calls a super fun headband to wear. Maria insults Allie and her stupid decorations.

Tyrus is out hosting The Fact of Life. He begrudgingly introduces his special guest as Eli Drake, after he turned on him last week. Eli has his arm in a sling but he takes it off immediately. Eli breaks his silence. Drake says that the fans don't deserve an explanation for what he did to Tyrus. He blames Tyrus for his actions, because he set up a 2 on 3 match versus the DCC. He also takes issue with Tyrus and his choice of facing EC3 with the case they won. Drake says that Tyrus dropped the ball because he was too busy dreaming about eating cheeseburgers. Drake says that he paid Tyrus to watch his back and do his bidding. Drake tells Tyrus that he watches the main event while Drake is in them. Eli says that he owns him. Tyrus grabs Drake by the throat and challenges Eli to a match next week.

Back in Tijuana, The Hardy's find the promoter of tonight's wrestling event at The Auditorio Municipal. Konnan is shown in his office. His assistant walks into his office and tells him that the two crazy hardy's are here looking for a tag team championship match. The assistant tells Konnan that they are half insane and that they don't want any money. Konnan asks that The Hardy's come see him. The Hardy's head to Konnan's office. When they arrive, Matt turns his back to the door. Konnan opens it and gets The Matt Hardy "I knew you'd come" treatment. Nero is laughing off to the side. Matt tells Konnan that The Hardy's are here to procure Mexican tag team gold. Konnan says that he has heard that they don't want to be paid. Matt says that they are not here for measley pesos. It sounds like Matt says that "Money is for Marks". Konnan books the The Hardy's match against Psicosis and Super Crazy. After The Hardy's leave, Konnan tells his assistant that they need to capitalize on this. He tells him to round up any merch he can find and sell it.

Back to Laurel's bachelorette party. Van Ness is opening up gifts. She reveals lingerie and is excited to wear it for Braxton. Maria tells Allie to get them all bridesmaid dresses for next week. Allie says that she doesn't want to do it. Maria makes Allie the ring bearer for the wedding. Maria then berates Allie some more.

Back to Mexico. The Hardy's are backstage prepping for their upcoming match. They are with Vanguard One. Matt asks VG1 to prepare an exit plan for them after their match.... The Hardy's are now shown making their ring entrance to Jeff Hardy's version of obsolete. Psicosis and Super Crazy also make their ring entrance for this match.

The Hardy's vs. Psicosis & Super Crazy
From The Auditorio Municipal In Tijuana, Mexico

Highlights are shown from the match in split screen fashion. The crowd is firmly behind The Hardy's and chant delete. As Matt and Nero are on offense. Jeff is shown hitting a tope on Crazy. Meanwhile backstage, VG1 is entertaining a group of Mexican female performers backstage. Back in the ring, The Hardy's hit all their signature spots. Matt hits a twist of fate on Crazy. Jeff follows that up with a swanton bomb and they get the victory.

The Hardy's defeat Psicosis & Super Crazy to win The Crash Tag Team Championships

After the match. The Hardy's celebrate with their newly won titles from Konnan's new promotion in Mexico. Nero sings the obsolete song and the Mexican crowd sings with him in unision. The Hardy's then pose on the stage and then make their way backstage. Konnan is informed that The Hardy's have their titles and are leaving. Konnan instructs his assistant to get the titles before they leave. Konnan heads to The Hardy's locker room to find that they have disappeared. Konnan is shocked that The Hardy's have vanished..... The Hardy's have now "transported" back to Cameron, North Carolina. Matt has a premonition. That they will continue their expedition of gold next week.....Clips are then shown of The Hardy's arriving to CWF Mid Atlantic wrestling. Where they will challenge their champions Mathis & Rage for The Mid-Atlantic titles.

Sienna W/Maria Vs. Brooke

Brooke attacks Sienna early on. She is seeking revenge for what Sienna did to her a few weeks back. She hirs a long tilt a whirl headscissors on Sienna.

Brooke stays on the offensive. Sienna battles back and hits a suplex. Sienna re-takes control and grounds and pounds Brooke for the next couple of minutes.Maria actually gets involved in the match. While Sienna distracts the ref, Maria chokes Brooke out over the ring ropes. Sienna continues to dominate. Brooke eventually rallies and hits a face buster on Sienna. She goes after Maria, Sienna charges at Brooke and almost runs into Maria. Sienna then grabs Brooke and hits two straight fall away slams. Maria gets back on the apron. Sienna goes for the AK47, Brooke counters out of it. She rolls up Sienna with a schoolgirl and pins her.

Brooke defeats Sienna by pinfall

More bachelor party footage with Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter. He intros the female entertainment for the party. A toothless and raspy voiced woman named Roxy is behind the door when Mike opens it. She offers to party with the guys and Bennett slams the door in her face.

When the show returns from the break. Eli Drake is in the parking lot and he has a hold of the camera from the cameraman. He talks about what he is going to do to Tyrus next week on Impact. He promises to do the same thing to him that he did to EC3. He promises to end the career of Tyrus.

Back in The Impact Zone, The TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. He is happy and gloats about still being champion. He says that there is not a single person who can fight or stand up to him. That he is the toughest athlete in the world.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett's name comes up on the screen and he makes his way to the ring. Barnett tells Lashley that he is making a lot of claims that he can't back up. Barnett says that he is disappointed in Lashley and his behavior. How he doesn't act like a champion. Rather than text or call Lashley. Barnett wanted to confront him here face to face. Barnett challenges Lashley to a fight. Lashley compliments Barnett and goes through all of his accolades. Lashley then tells Barnett to not listen to the audience and do the smart thing and leave the ring. Bobby then grabs Barnett to get him to leave but Josh grabs Lashley and puts him in a side armbar. Lashley backs off and says that if Barnett wants to fight him. He is up for his challenge. Barnett tells Lashley to put his world title on the line in their fight. Lashley accepts Barnett's challenge and leaves the ring. That match is scheduled for next week on Impact.

After the break. We are at the bachelor party again. Mike Bennett and all the party goers have all passed out. Bennett is on the couch next to George and Roxy. Sutter moves George off the couch. He then places Bennett's arm around "Roxy", as she falls into his lap. Sutter grabs his cell phone and takes a picture of it.

Impact Main Event
Streetfight Match
Eddie Edwards Vs. Davey Richards w/Angelina Love

Love intros 'The American Wolf' from the stage. Richards sneaks up behind Edwards in the ring and attacks him. The action heads to the outside with weapons there. Richards repeatedly kicks Edwards up against the guardrail.

Edwards battles back and beats down on Richards with Love watching at ringside. Both men continue battling on the outside. Edwards attempts to strike Richards but Davey moves out of the way. Edwards ends up punching the ring post. Richards then goes to work on Eddie's hand. He works it over as the show goes to the break. When the show returns, Richards is still targeting Edwards hand. He strikes Eddie hand with a steel chair. He then kisses Angelina at ringside. Edwards finally rallies. He sends Richards to the outside. He then hits the shot of caffeine dive on Richards. Edwards ends up flying over the guardrail.

The action is back in the ring now. Edwards gets a hold of a steel chair. Angelina Love comes into the ring with a steel chair of her own. To defend her husband. Edwards is distracted by Angelina. He drops his own chair which Richards picks it up behind him. Edwards then takes away Love's chair and turns around, and gets blasted by Richards with a steel chair. Angelina and Davey then start kissing in the middle of the ring over a fallen Eddie Edwards. Just then, Edwards wife Alicia shows up. She leaps onto Davey Richards back. Alicia then goes after Angelina but gets knocked down to the mat with a stiff forearm shot by Love. Mathews on commentary talks about Alicia being an aspiring Knockout... Angelina Love has handcuffs and she cuffs Alicia to the bottom rope. Love asks Richards for the steel chair. As she is prepared to strike Alicia. Edwards crawls over and covers his wife. Richards takes the chair from Angelina, and with Edwards draped over his wife. Richards proceeds to strike Eddie Edwards repeatedly across the back with the chair. Davey then hits multiple chair shots on Edwards while Alicia is crying out watching. Love then sets up a chair over Edwards head. Alicia is forced to watch as Richards strikes Edwards with a chairshot to the head.... Angelina knocks out referee Brian Hebner. Love instead makes the pinfall count as Richards drapes his foot over Eddie Edwards.

Davey Richards And Eddie Edwards battle to a no contest

The show goes off the air with a preview for the next chapter in The Hardy's "Expedition of Gold" next week.