Impact Wrestling
Taped @ The Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida

The show opens with The Hardy Family arriving backstage. 'Broken' Matt has Queen Rebecca stop her baby carriage. Matt addresses his son King Maxel, and criticizes his high carb diet. He tells him that he needs protein to become a strong warrior. Brother Nero comes to his nephew's defense. He notes that Maxel is after all undefeated. Jeff then asks Matt what the 7 deities have been telling him lately. Matt preaches patience and tells him that everything will be revealed later tonight.

A video airs with highlights from last week's 'Open Fight Night". The video wraps up with a preview for tonight's World Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards. Where Edwards has been given a rematch for the title by Bobby Lashley. The catch is that this will be Edward's one and only shot to reclaim the championship.

We are now in The Impact Zone and The Death Crew Council makes their way to the ring. James Storm, Bram & Eddie Kingston unmask. Storm addresses the DCC's recent attacks against the likes of EC3, Eli Drake and Tyrus among others. Storm says that they had a plan and a mission to run through everyone, and that they have kept their promise to do so....... The first 5 minutes of this show are in the video below.

Storm goes on to say that the country is going to hell but that it means that business is booming for The DCC. Eli Drake's music hits and he is on the rampway with Tyrus. Drake teases speaking on the mic and then hands it to Tyrus. They both head towards the ring and Tyrus challenges all 3 DCC members to a fight. Drake acts like he doesn't want to proceed with the disadvantage. Tyrus addresses Storm, Bram and Kingston individually. Tyrus calls Kingston "Mini Me" and says that he is mad because he hasn't gotten child support from him. This leads to an all out brawl between all 5 men. Tyrus and Drake hold their own in the brawl despite the 3 on 2 disadvantage. The show goes to it's first break while all five men are still battling on the outside of the ring.... When the show returns. The brawl has become an official match.

The D.C.C. vs Eli Drake & Tyrus

Tyrus and Drake are in control and work over Eddie Kingston. Bram checks into the ring and swings the momentum back in the DCC's favor momentarily. Drake battles back with a powerslam on Bram for a pinfall attempt. Eli and Tyrus now isolate Bram in their corner and go to work on him for the next few minutes. Bram eventually escapes and tags in Storm. James comes in hot and hits several moves on Drake in succession. He lands a sling blade on Drake and then sets up for The Last Call kick. Drake backs up when Storm is in motion and falls into his own corner to tag in Tyrus. When he gets into the ring, Storm backs up from Tyrus. He then proceeds to try and get Tyrus to do his old "Funkasaurus" dance. Tyrus plays along and does it and then strikes Storm down. All 3 members of the DCC try to take on Tyrus by themselves. Tyrus turns to his corner and EliDrake has left, and is heading up the rampway. Tyrus is left alone and the numbers game eventually catches up to him. Storm hits Tyrus with The Last Call Kick and Kingston covers him for the pinfall victory.

The D.C.C. defeat Eli Drake & Tyrus

After the match, A highlight is shown from the Lashley-Edwards title for title match back in July. Where Lashley defeated Edwards inside a steel cage, retained his World title and won Edwards X Division Championship.

Brandi Rhodes is now shown backstage doing an off camera interview. She speaks about her early experiences as a knockout in Impact Wrestling. How she wants to set an example. Brandi then talks about how she has been treated by Rosemary of late. She calls her evil and promises to deliver a reality check tonight when she calls her out later in the ring.

When the show returns from the break. Braxton Sutter sees Allie backstage. He approaches her and they start exchanging small talk about her training. Maria barges into the conversation and yells at Allie to get her coffee. Allie asks if she wants "coffee coffee" or "whiskey coffee". Maria snaps at Allie and sends her away. Maria then addresses Braxton and says that she wants to forget that Braxton just talked to Allie. Maria tells Braxton that he needs to prepare for proposing to Laurel Van Ness. Maria hints that he should get her a 4 carat ring and present it to her within the hour.

Back in The Impact Zone. Brandi Rhodes makes her way to the ring. Josh Mathews says that Brandi didn't want to just be a ring announcer and that she wants to prove herself as a wrestler....... Brandi gets on the mic and compliments the fans and TNA. Brandi says that if she has a problem with someone. She confronts that person. Brandi calls Rosemary vile and evil. Brandi looks directly into the camera and tells Rosemary that she doesn't want to play mind games, that she wants to fight.

Rosemary's music hits and she makes her way to the ring with The Decay.

Rosemary gets into the ring and says that The Decay saw great potential in Brandi, but that she decided to reject them. Rosemary says that Decay comes for everyone. Whether it is by choice or not. Abyss and Crazzy Steve get inside the ring and attempt to scare away Brandi. She backs off. Rosemary calls this Brandi's funeral. Brandi is now surrounded by all 3 Decay members. Rosemary grabs Brandi from behind and puts her in a front face chokehold. She drops down to the mat with her. Moose's music hits and he heads to the ring. Moose attacks Steve and Abyss and clears them from the ring. Rosemary teases going after Moose but then backs off.

Spud is now backstage and intros Aron Rex. Rex addresses his opponent Robbie E for their match tonight. He says "Bad Hair don't care" and "Fake tan doesn't make a man". Aron calls Robbie a fashion no-no, and the reason that God created eyelids. So that they can be shut. Rex is against violence but will make an exception for Robbie tonight.

Impact returns from the break and highlights are shown from Rosemary's attack on Brandi, and Moose's save of her. Josh Mathews cues to Moose and Brandi backstage. They end up challenging Rosemary and The Decay to a match next week in the video below.

Spud is now inside the ring and intro's Aron Rex. He calls him "The Alchemist of Entertainment" among other things. Rex briefly gets on the mic after taking off his mink and many rings. Rex gets Spud to sing his name. They try and get the fans to sing along but Robbie E's music interrupts him. Robbie makes his way to the ring for this match.

Aron Rex w/Spud vs. Robbie E

Robbie takes the fight to Rex early on. Aron begs off and acts like he doesn't want to get violent and tries to run away. Robbie chases after him and Rex uses Spud as a shield. Robbie retakes control inside the ring. Rex is still in retreat mode. Aron finally gets in some offense when he rakes Robbie in the eyes and throws him to the outside. Spud then takes off his powder blue bellhop jacket and chokes Robbie with it. This helps give Rex get a brief advantage. Robbie eventually rallies and hits an elbow drop from the top rope. He then hits a flying cross body on Rex. Aron tries to escape and Spud tries to pull him outside the ring. Robbie blocks it and goes after Spud. When Robbie is distracted, Rex goes into his tights and puts a ring on his fingers and knocks out Robbie with a punch. Rex covers Robbie and pins him.

Aron Rex defeats Robbie E by pinfall

Reby Hardy is backstage with Brother Nero. She has some doubts as to what Matt has planned for tonight. She talks about some type of risk being involved in it. Jeff reassures her that Matt's premonitions have always been right. Matt enters the picture. He tells Rebecca that the 7 deities have never led them astray and that they must head to The Zone of Impact and create magic.

When the show returns from the break. Highlights are shown of Eddie Edwards winning The World Championship from Lashley on October 6th of last year. Edwards is now shown backstage with his wife, partner Davey Richards and his wife Angelina Love.

Braxton Sutter is now shown backstage. He is sitting down looking depressed. Mike Bennett approaches him and tries to cheer him up about getting married to Laurel Van Ness. Sutter says that he doesn't know how Bennett deals with Maria as his wife. Bennett admits that his wife is very confident and intimidating but that she just wants the best for the people around her, and that includes Laurel Van Ness. Bennett says that what his wife wants, she gets. Bennett tells Sutter to do the right thing tonight. Sutter agrees with Bennett and walks off. 'The Miracle" is happy that his advice worked.

Queen Reby is on the stage with King Maxel strapped to her and she plays the obsolete song on the piano. The Broken Hardy's make their way to the ring.

There is a gold podium set up in the ring with a black cloth on it. 'Broken Matt' says that after the last few weeks. He has had several premonitions about the expeditions of gold. He removes the black cloth and reveals an upgraded Vanguard One. Matt says that VG1 is now the most powerful drone in all of space and time. Matt states that VG1 now has the ability to be a mechanism of teleportation. Vanguard One will take The Hardy's to every promotion on their expedition of gold. After Matt goes on a rant when he repeats the lines titles, gold and over several times. Brother Nero asks Matt to be a bit more clearer about his premonition. Matt apologizes that his illustrating and scintillating lexicon is sometimes hard to follow. Matt says that he and his brother will put their hands on Vanguard One and be transported to other promotions. Like various territories and the honorable ring of ROH to face The Bucks of Youth. Who Matt says many people wrongly feel that they are on the Hardy's level. Matt says that VG1 may also take them to the dastardly Mick Mahon show. The crowd chants delete..... Matt goes into a trance and has another premonition. That they must place their hands on VG1 to begin their expedition of gold.

Matt and Nero are 'transported' to an intersection during day time. Where Nero says that they aren't in Cameron. Matt agrees and says that everything around them is in Spanish. Matt asks a passerby where they are. The man says in Spanish that they are in Tijuana, Mexico. The man asks the Hardy's how they got here and Matt tells him by magic. Matt then speaks in Spanish and an overhead aerial view is shown of Tijuana.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Drew Galloway (c) vs. Mahabali Shera

Round One- Shera overpowers Galloway early on. He ends up slamming Galloway from the top rope. Drew takes a powder and heads outside with a minute left. He regroups and then takes out Shera's knees, pulls him out of the ring and beats him up on the outside. Drew then slams Shera into the steel guardrail. The action heads to inside the ring. Shera fires up and hits a few clotheslines on Drew, as time expires. Shera hits a sky high power bomb after the bell has already rung.

Round One Scorecard- Judges 1 and 2 score the round 10-9 for Shera. Judge 3 awards Galloway the round 10-9.

Round Two- Galloway starts the next round very angry. He goes after Shera aggressively and chops Shera in the corner, and then hits an overhead suplex. Drew controls the action until a little over a minute remaining in the round. Shera rallies with a running powerslam and gets a near pinfall. Shera then attempts the sky high again, Drew counters and hits the future shock DDT on Shera and pins him for the victory.

Drew Galloway defeats Mahabali Shera by pinfall in Round 2 to retain The Impact Grand Championship

Braxton Sutter is now backstage with Laurel Van Ness. Sutter tries to break off their forced relationship. He drops his water bottle to pick it up and gets on one knee. Laurel takes this as a proposal of marriage and says Yes. She tells him that she will marry him even though he is not rich. Sutter tries to tell Laurel that she is mistaken. Van Ness walks off to tell Maria.

The Helms Dynasty is now in the ring. Shane Helms introduces the new X Division Champion Trevor Lee..... Trevor Lee says that he is the true crown jewel of The X Division and The Helms Dynasty. Shane Helms gets on the mic and says that a real man has to know their limitations and weaknesses. Shane tells Andrew Everett that he is the weak link in The Helms Dynasty. Helms tells Everett that he has squandered so many chances and that he has failed him and his name. Andrew grabs the mic and tells Helms that he is wrong. That he has fallen on the grenade for them on many occasions. Everett says that Shane didn't make him, that he and Lee won titles elsewhere without Shane Helms. Everett asks if the true failure of The Dynasty is Shane Helms himself. He calls Shane a washed up man hanging on to his past glory. Shane takes off his jacket and Lee attacks Everett. They both beat down Andrew Everett. Helms whips Everett into Lee and gets hit with a standing double foot stomp.

A video package airs where Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley hype up their match for tonight.

The Hardy's are now shown walking the streets of Tijuana. Matt is calling for the "tag team champions of Tijuana". They are being followed by fans in the town square. The Mexican fans start chanting delete. One fan asks Nero to give him a tattoo on his head. Jeff draws some type of symbol on the fan's head. Matt grabs his head and asks the seven deities to delete his demons. He leads the crown in a delete chant.

Matt is giving a speech to a crowd of fans and calls them all soldiers in the great war. Matt asks a fan what the greatest match is of all time. The fan says "Apocalypto". Nero then gets the crowd to sing The Obsolete song. Matt asks the people to take them to the champions of Mexico. A promo follows this for next week where Matt and Jeff are in a arena in Mexico. Super Crazy and Konnan are shown during the promo. The Broken Hardy's will face Super Crazy and Psicosis from Audtorio Municipal in Tijuana, Mexico. That match will air next week on Impact.

TNA World Championship Match
'The Final Fight'
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards wife and Davey Richards wife Angelina Love are shown at ringside. Lashley overpowers Edwards early on. He then heads to the outside to taunt Edwards wife and Eddie flies to the outside onto Bobby with a "shot of caffeine".

Edwards is now in control and beats up Lashley on the outside. He sends him inside the ring and leaps onto him but gets caught in a wicked spinebuster. The show returns from the break and Lashley has the momentum, and hits a neckbreaker on Edwards. Lashley beats down on Eddie and taunts the crowd for the next few minutes. Lashley drives his shoulder into Edwards in the corner. He tries to run full steam at Edwards but Eddie springs out and hits a lariat. Edwards then leaps onto Lashley and gets caught in a power bomb position but Eddie counters and hits a rana on Lashley, that sends him crashing to the outside floor.

After both men struggle to get back to their feet. Edwards sprints into the ring and then hits the shot of caffeine dive onto Lashley. Edwards follows this up with a missile dropkick on the inside, that leads to a near fall. Edwards tries to take to the air again, but gets caught and hit with The Dominator by Lashley. Lashley covers Edwards but he kicks out. Lashely now heads to ringside and grabs the world title and goes back into the ring. Davey Richards runs out and takes the title away from Lashley. Edwards has recovered and connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Lashley. This nets him a near pinfall victory. Edwards knocks Lashley to the outside floor. He goes for yet another shot of caffeine, but this time, Lashley catches him in mid-air and hits an overhead suplex on him. Lashley takes Edwards into the ring and sets up for the spear. Instead Edwards runs at Lashley and hits The Boston Knee Party. Just when referee Brian Hebner is about to count to 3, Davey Richards pulls him out of the ring. Edwards is stunned by this. Richards yells at him from ringside. He says that it's always about you, and that you don't believe in us anymore. Richards then signals to his wife Angelina. Angelina strikes Eddie's wife Alisha. The ref runs over to check on Eddie's wife. Richards then hits Edwards with the title belt and turns and gets speared by Lashley. Bobby covers Eddie and pins him for the victory.

Bobby Lashley defeats Eddie Edwards by pinfall to retain The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

After the match, Davey Richards heads into the ring and beats down on Eddie Edwards. While his wife is forced by Angelina Love to watch. Edwards and his wife are choked out by Richards and Love. They reach out towards each other and then pass out. Davey Richards and Angelina Love then kiss to end the show.