Jeff Jarrett On Chyna In The WWE Hall Of Fame, Focusing On The X-Division, On-Screen Role

Jeff Jarrett spoke with Huffington Post's Huffpost Sport section as he did a business tour in the UK. Here are some of the highlights:

Chyna in the WWE Hall of Fame:

"The Hall of Fame is subjective and the buck stops with one man like every other decision in that organisation. It's Vince's opinion. Everyone can have an opinion, its truly worthless when it comes to the Hall of Fame. If Vince wants them in, they're in and if out, they're out. When you talk about importance of being ground-breaking, Chyna certainly was so unique and instrumental - she was one of those characters that defined the Attitude Era, so the simple answer is absolutely."

Focusing on the X-Division again:

"Well in GFW we have a division called NEX*GEN and that's about the next generation of wrestlers much like the X-Division was in 2002. I've always been a massive fan of - and here in the UK you have - I call them kids, that was 10-12 years ago but are now in their late 20s or early 30s are incredible athletes and really know what they're doing. It's that next generation style of wrestling that will definitely be front and centre."

Having an on-screen role:

"Not at this time! I'm enjoying wearing what we'll call the promoter and businessman hats. The guitar is always close by but that's not in my plans right now..."

Jeff Jarrett also discussed Impact wrestling touring the UK and Impact's App. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Huffington Post


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