Josh Mathews In Twitter Fight With TNA Employee Over "Best PBP Announcer In The World" Comment

As noted earlier, on a My First Day video, Josh Matthews said, "I make no bones about it, that I think I'm the best play-by-play announcer in the world, there's nobody that can touch what I do out there." You can see the full video below.

Since then, Mathews wrote on Twitter:

Impact Wrestling Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash then got involved in the conversation. The following were tweets between Mathews and Borash, all of them have since been deleted.

Borash: "No one will ever question your credibility after the 'I believe I am the greatest play by play announcer in the world,' quote. Good for you."

Mathews: "Go fly your drone."

Borash: "I will. The difference between you and that drone? One is a super over personality on a wrestling show... and the other is an announcer."

Mathews: "Don't worry @JeremyBorash after WWE, ROH, Lucha, NJPW, NOAH & any other company fires like 10 announcers, you'll get your chance!"

Borash retweeted a fan who said, "@JeremyBorash he's not even the best play by play person in his own family @MRayneTNA" to which Borash replied, "Your words... not mine."

Mathews: "Yeah, a Ring Announcer. Anyone can do that. Have you seen the people that used to work here?!?"


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