Mark Andrews On Wrestling Pete Dunne In WWE NXT, What Takes A Toll On His Body, Going For Two Titles

Mark Andrews spoke with Wales Online on his time with WWE and other pro wrestling experiences. Here are some of the highlights:

Working in NXT:

"The idea of being a part of NXT is incredible for me. In my first match I was wrestling Pete Dunn who is a long-term friend. We started training together when he was 12 and I was 15. To have a match with him in NXT was incredible, the cherry on top, and has been the peak of my career so far."


What takes the biggest toll on his body:

"A lot of people ask about injuries but I find the traveling takes a bigger toll on my body. I am not on landing on my back and taking bumps ? I am just sitting in car. Because my body has become so accustomed to wrestling over the years it is used to it. When I go on tour with my band I have to do a lot of stretches and take my foam roller with me. I am only 25 but I feel much tighter now than when I was 21. It is not the wrestling ? it is being squashed in cars!"

Goals in WWE:

"I am not the largest wrestler. I am 5ft 8ins and about 150lbs. For me cruiserweight wrestling is the style I enjoy the most. Massive congratulations to Tyler Bates [who won the UK Championship] but I want that championship. After that I want that Cruiserweight Championship as well."


Mark Andrews also discussed his experience at a young age and eventually wrestling a show in front of his home city, Cardiff. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Wales Online