Matt Sydal On What He Felt Like While Working For WWE, How He Would Describe His Time With TNA, More

On a special Wrestling Society X anniversary edition of X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman reunited with his fellow WSX stars for an exclusive interview. Co-creator Kevin Kleinrock, wrestlers Scorpio Sky and Matt Sydal, commentator Kris Kloss and producer Dave Marquez reveal what went on behind the scenes of the short-lived MTV series. You can watch the full interview in the video above, or download the podcast version on iTunes.

Below are some highlights from Sydal:

Sydal compares WWE to WSX:

"At WSX I think I was very much trying to figure it out on my own and we were creating our own style and our own thing. I can only speak for myself, I was not trying to be anything. I was not trying to be like anyone else. I was not trying to do what anyone else was doing. I was doing my own thing. I was creating content that I had in my head and I was making it in the ring and WSX was giving me an opportunity, an uninhibited opportunity, to create and manufacture my vision for wrestling for other people. When I was working for WWE I felt like I was trying to make someone else's vision happen instead of my own. And I think that's where I became less true to myself and I think it showed in my work."

The opportunity of WSX for the roster:

"At WSX the message was loud and clear consistently, even as a rookie signing a contract and kind of talking about things and getting into the nitty-gritty details. I felt like I was always given a lot of respect and in fact sometimes I thought they were almost tooting my own horn too loud I thought it was almost silly. WSX was an opportunity that so many guys had been waiting for because television exposure is worth its weight in gold and we were a generation without competition in professional wrestling, outside of TNA."

His time in TNA:

"I was there as a very, very, very young man and I got a lot of learning experience doing some great work on Explosion and handicap matches against Abyss. I had a great experience with TNA but I didn't have any real impetus or drive to go there... I didn't feel like it was as big of a leap as taking a chance on WWE and that's what I went with and I am very glad I made that choice."


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