Ranking The 10 Best WWE Raw Entrance Themes

Last week, we checked out the 10 worst Raw entrance themes (which brought in over 700 comments!), so it only makes sense to look at the best of Raw has to offer this time around. While entrance music can be instrumental in the foundation of a successful wrestling career, it can also be something that really detracts from a wrestler's presence, as well.


Musical choices are about as subjective as it gets, so for criteria I will consider the initial sound used, the first minute or so (basically what it takes for the wrestler to get to the ring), and how well the theme fits with the wrestler. For this list, I will be sticking to only Superstars who are currently on Raw. I'm also going to exclude the Cruiserweights, as I'll compile a full ranking of the 205 Live roster in the near future.

Not going to lie, Raw has a lot of good themes, so picking the best 10 was pretty much impossible. To make it a bit easier, I left Triple H (who hardly shows up these days) and The Undertaker (technically a free agent, although, he'll probably show up on Raw down the road) off the list to free up room for more active wrestlers. Braun Strowman (yell in the beginning intro is awesome, rest is okay), Goldberg (classic, has that old MIDI sound though), and Sasha Banks (beat is great, singing is not so great) just missed the cut.


#10) Bayley

I realize that a lot of people probably aren't big on this song, but in the context of connecting it to the wrestler, it's tough to leave it off the list. The song is about as bubbly and cheerful as you can get, which is Bayley every single show. Bayley's gimmick is very much aimed at younger kids and this is exactly something to get them up off their seats and dancing. "Ain't no stoppin' us" is played throughout, which fits with Bayley's "heart" that has helped her make it to the top of the mountain.

#9) Sami Zayn

I can already see the torches and pitchforks coming out, but again, this song just fits Sami so well. He is very much into the Ska sound, both dressing and dancing the part on occasion. Plus, it gets crowds to sing along (both before and during the match), which doesn't happen with a lot of themes. Again, Sami is a super babyface so this vibe goes along very well current persona. If he ever turned heel, they would certainly have to change this song up.

#8) Emma

It's been awhile since we've heard this one, but since it looks like she's going to be reverting back to the old Emma persona, let's hope this returns too. It's got a unique vibe that has been helped by the crowd as they chant "Hey, hey, hey" during parts of the song. With Emma's self-absorbed ways, it allows her to strut to the ring, pointing to herself as the beat changes up. It also includes her original "Dancing Emma" sound, which instantly lets fans know who's coming out.


#7) Kevin Owens

This one is all about the guitar that grinds through the song. Not only does it bump, but it has a slightly disturbed edge to it, much like Owens when he does awful things to people, like beat up his best friend, you monster, how could you?! Anyways, the song is pretty straight forward, no nonsense, and hard hitting, like Owens.

#6) Rusev

"Rusev Udrya, Rusev Machka!" you instantly know who's coming to the ring, which typically gets instant boos from the crowd. The song might be a bit on the repetitive side, but it fits the Bulgarian Brute's style, horns blaring, a feeling of impending doom throughout the song. A mighty entrance that seems fit for a King and Queen's arrival.

#5) Chris Jericho

The beaten down best friend wins this battle, as Jericho's classic "Break the Walls Down" gets the higher spot on this list. The song just blasts, especially in arenas, with Jericho's dramatic entrance, it just works for someone who has typically had a Rock and Roll edge to his gimmick. "Step into the room and break the walls down" is also fantastic line, plus, they say "Jericho" throughout, who wouldn't want their name in a song?

#4) Sheamus

A theme that is often overlooked and it has it all: hard hitting drums, guitar, strings, and even bagpipes! Along with the dramatic pause in the beginning, it's an epic journey that fits Sheamus' heritage and aggression. Right now, it's going part-time with Cesaro's awful theme music, so right now fans don't get to enjoy more of the song.


#3) Seth Rollins

The double kick on the drums is everything in this one, a fast theme that matches Rollins in-ring style and aggressive attitude. Tough to not get amped up by this one, especially when seeing it live and it works for him both as a bad or good guy. WWE is smart enough to throw in some pauses for dramatic effect making this one of the most enjoyable songs to listen to. I could see this being on a lot of people's "Workout" playlists.

#2) Finn Balor

Yes, this song is partly helped by his long dramatic entrance, but it's still a great song on its own. The theme builds in a menacing way to a fantastic arrangement of guitar, drums, and strings. If that's not good enough, it brings in the "Ahh!" vocals for Balor to do his pose. I can see some people thinking this one is a little too over the top, but isn't that pro wrestling? Also allows for crowd participation, which is always a plus.

#1) Brock Lesnar

Much like a finger poke to the forehead, when you hear those first three seconds, you know something is about to go down. Enter the synchronized drums and guitars, starting and stopping before the song goes to all out war. The theme even throws in some turntable sounds, which could be a plus or minus depending on your preference. Brock's imposing presence just makes the song feel even bigger as he bounces on the ramp before heading to the ring and leaping to the apron. The song simply kicks a–, much like Brock Lesnar.