Reby Sky On If Matt Hardy Will Drop "Broken" Gimmick, How Dixie Carter Treated Talent, TNA Contracts

Reby Sky appeared on Busted Open with Dave LaGreca on Sirius XM this afternoon to discuss the Hardys leaving Impact Wrestling. You can listen to the full interview by clicking here, below are some highlights:

* She said that the rumors are true that the Hardys are leaving TNA. She said that Matt, Jeff and herself all had separate contracts with TNA, noting that they all signed at the same time. They didn't know up until a few days ago if they were re-signing. She said that they received theirr contracts "like 5 days before" which was "a note of contention for [Matt and Jeff]," although she didn't care.

* She said that TNA was "the perfect situation" for them because they had a limited schedule, the whole family got to travel together and that she got to bring her child to work. She said that things have been changing and it wouldn't have been the same perfect situation if they re-signed.

* She said that she felt that someone in Matt and Jeff's position should not have to be chasing anyone for contracts for six or seven weeks and that after a while it was like, "s--t, I'm not important." She stated that during this time they were getting weird vibes and feedback. They were waiting until the last second for their new contracts, and noted that it takes time to review the contracts. It got so down to the wire that they felt almost rushed into signing. She pointed out that several things needed to be changed in the contracts that "were slipped in there as if we wouldn't notice at the last minute."

"It's just all of this stuff with someone [for] as long as they've been in the business has never had to deal with, and should never have to deal with," Reby said.

* When asked if the future was bleak for Impact Wrestling, Reby said that she doesn't think so. TNA has a hardcore audience, which is why AJ Styles and Samoa Joe have such hardcore followings. She said that there is so much talent at TNA that they can succeed, although there is the other part of the audience that needs those big names. She said that the locker room is amazing and noted that 2016 was a hard year, but most of the talent didn't care about the rumors and worked hard.

* She said that a lot of people like to put down Dixie Carter, but at least Dixie knew how to talk to people and give the respect that they needed.

"I'm not talking about me because I know I'm nobody, before everybody tried to f--kin' jump on me," Reby said. "I'm talking about the boys, and not just Matt and Jeff."

* When asked if there was anyway the relationship with TNA can be salvaged, Reby said that it's too late tonight and that "it's over" at midnight tonight. She said that there was time for negotiations, but it didn't happen. She said that if things would have been handled differently, "we wouldn't be having this conversation."

* As for the future of Matt and Jeff, she said that Matt is in love with the Broken brilliance and will not be dropping it.

"[It] is not about to let that go, I can confirm that for sure," Reby said. "It's kind of his baby, his brainchild. He took such a risk with it, even I was telling him, dude, this accent's gotta go. Everyone was like, 'you're crazy, this is dumb, it's insane.' He kept on with it, it kept evolving. It's his baby, so there will be 'Broken' wherever there is Matt Hardy."

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