Ricochet On WWE Contacting Him In The Past, How WWE Can Fix Cruiserweight Division, WWE Contracts

As noted, Solowrestling.com recently shared an interview with Ricochet on its YouTube Channel. During the Q&A, Ricochet talked about where he wants to go in the future, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, problems with WWE's cruiserweight division, and whether WWE is trying to monopolize talent with contracts that prevent indie performers from working live streaming events.

When asked whether he could envision himself staying with Lucha Underground, the man behind Prince Puma stated that he is open to entertaining different options, though he has a few goals in mind that he would like to accomplish.

"Everything's open. I'm open to anything, but I just… I know where I want to go and I know where I need to be to get there and so that's kind of what I've been thinking about. And so, I still have got a lot of things that I want to do in Japan. I've got a lot of things I want to do, even in the [United] States. I've got a couple of things I want to do and check off the checklist and so I think, like I said, anything's an option right now, so, again, I'm going to keep my options open and see what's out there for me. But I know I've got some things I want to do, some things I want to accomplish, so I'm going to try to keep those in mind as far as when I'm making my decision about what I actually want to do."

Ricochet acknowledged that WWE did not contact him about participating in the CWC; however, WWE had contacted him about other opportunities before the CWC.

"I think the Cruiserweight Classic was really cool, especially for the guys that were in it. It gave a lot of those guys great exposure. Actually, all the guys got signed, but a lot of guys got signed off it doing the 205 Live. I think it's really good for them. Like, I never got truly contacted for it. I mean, I've been contacted by them before for other stuff, but I never got contacted for the Cruiserweight Classic, which is okay with me because I feel like those guys that were on it were showcased very well. And I think that it was good for them and it was good for WWE to show what we can do as wrestlers. Just because we're small, it doesn't mean we can't be entertaining. But no, I never got personally contacted for that. I've been contacted before, obviously, about other stuff, which is cool with me. I'm fine with that. I'm actually great. I'm okay with that. But again, I love the concept of it. I hope they do another one. I hope they have enough people to do another one, but yeah, I enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

In Ricochet's view, WWE could correct course with its cruiserweight division by allowing the performers to put on matches like they did for the CWC and going away from "cheesy" backstage segments.

"I guess it [has] not taken off as hot as they originally thought it was going to be and that's okay. I mean, it's new. A lot of the fans don't know who a lot of the guys are. And I think… again, it's new. Everything that's new, this is the feeling out process. The guys kind of got it bad because they're the first ones. They're the ones that [are] going to have to feel everything out, see what works and what doesn't work. I think if they would let them go like they did in the Cruiserweight Classic. Obviously, in the Cruiserweight Classic they could tear the house down however they wanted. I think if they would let them go a little more that style and maybe less of the cheesy backstage promos and stuff. I don't know what it is. I really don't know. I really can't tell you. But, again, I just think they're in a bad spot because they're the first ones and they've got… if something doesn't work, it's on them and they've got to try something new. And that may not work, so they've got to try something new. So I just think they're in a bad spot right now."

According to Ricochet, WWE is merely trying to build up its talent pool with talent contracts that prohibit indie performers from working live streaming events, as the WWE Network requires more content.

"I mean, if those guys are happy, then, who are we? If those guys… they knew what they were getting into, they know, so if they're happy with what they're doing… They're on WWE. Tyler Bate's a WWE champion. He's WWE UK Champion, so that's more than I can say. And maybe they are because there are a lot of good guys out there, so maybe WWE sees that now and they're like, 'we need this guy, we need that guy, we need that guy' because there are good guys. Again, WWE, they just want to have the best product they can put out, so put out the best product, you need the best guys. And that's why I think they're hiring so many people is because again, they want the best product they can have. Also, they have the [WWE] Network, so they have to have so many shows on the Network, so they have to have so many people in order to put on the shows. So they have to have a surplus of people to do some of these shows, so I don't know if they're trying to monopolize. They're just trying to put out good product."

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