Ring Of Honor TV Recap: The Decade Of Excellence Final, Christopher Daniels Vs. Jay Briscoe And More

Ring Of Honor TV Episode #283
Taped @ Center Stage In Atlanta, Georgia

-The show opens with a video hyping the final of The Decade of Excellence tournament. Which will determine who gets a shot at The ROH World Championship at The 15th Anniversary PPV on March 10th.

-Kevin Kelly is running solo at this point on commentary. He has been joined on commentary by guest commentators periodically throughout ROH TV in the last several weeks. That trend would continue as the show goes along.

The Last Real Man Silas Young w/ Beer City Bruiser Vs. Bull James

The former Bull Dempsey of NXT fame, Bull James was singled out by Silas Young & The Bruiser. They teased making him their partner in their quest to become ROH's next Six-Man Champions. Only to turn on and attack James and leave him laying..... This match opens with Silas Young teasing to offer a handshake to James. Bull refuses and the action begins. Bull is sporting a new look with a bleached blonde goatee. Early on in the match, The Bruiser attempts to get involved and James takes him down at ringside. This distraction allows Young to leap onto James at ringside. The advantage is now in Young's corner for the next few minutes. Bull eventually rallies and hits a running bonsai drop on Young. The action heads to the ring apron. James tries to suplex Silas into the ring but The Bruiser blocks it. The referee doesn't see this because his view is obscured. Silas is able to get James down on the apron. He runs towards him and James lifts him up with his legs, and propels him over the top rope. Bull then teases going to the top rope to leap onto Young but instead launches himself at The Bruiser. He leaps and hits a tornado DDT on him. When James finally gets into the ring to go after Silas. Young is lying in wait and goes after Bull. They briefly exhange a few counters and reversals as Young attempts his finisher "Misery". Bull breaks free momentarily but Silas impressively hoists Bull up and connects with Misery to get the pinfall victory.

Silas Young defeats Bull James by pinfall

- A promo backstage airs with Jay Briscoe hyping the main event for this show. Jay talks about being in ROH for 15 years. How he was in the first ever ROH match and how he is a former 2 time ROH World Champ. Briscoe promises to become a 3 time ROH Champ when all is said and done.

- When the show returns from the break. Highlights are shown from "Survival of The Fittest" from November of last year in San Antonio, Texas. The match featured is Bobby Fish and Lio Rush. The finish is shown where Fish has Rush in a kneebar and forces him to tap out. The conclusion of that match is followed by a promo by The "Infamous" Bobby Fish. In it, He talks about winning "Survival of The Fittest". How it set him up for his world title shot against Adam Cole on March 4th at Manhattan Mayhem. Clips are also shown of Fish making Cole tap out recently on ROH TV in a tag team match.

- Colt Cabana, Dalton Castle and his boys make their entrances to the ring for this next handicap match. Dalton Castle joins Kevin Kelly on commentary. Cabana gets on the mic before the match. He calls himself 'The Iron Jew' and addresses Dalton at ringside. He promises to destroy these "two schmucks" because of how they cost him his match in The DOE tournament.

Colt Cabana Vs. The Boys w/Dalton Castle

Kelly asks Castle if he can help identify the Boys, so that they can finally tell them apart. Dalton refers to them as Boy #1 and Boy #2. Dalton gets mixed up during the match as to which one is #1 and which is #2..... Colt takes early control by knocking one of the boys to the ringside floor. He then goes to work on the other boy and hits several bodyslams on him. The Boys eventually team up and knock Cabana to the outside with a double dropkick. Colt heads to the broadcast table and taunts Dalton momentarily..... The show goes to break and when it returns. Cabana is somehow back in control. Colt starts toying with The Boys and hits several flip flop and fly elbow drops on them. He then does an arm drag on Boy #1 and throws him to the outside. Colt then heads outside. He grabs Boy #1 and parades him around Dalton Castle. He then throws Boy #1 into Dalton Castle. Cabana then heads back into the ring and hits The "Chicago Skyline" on Boy #2. The other boy recovers and heads into the ring to make the save but he gets caught in Cabana's billy goat's submission and ends up tapping out.

Colt Cabana defeats The Boys by submission

- After the match. Cabana taunts The Boys after his victory. Dalton Castle heads into the ring and runs Cabana off.

- A promo airs back stage with Christopher Daniels hyping the TV main event. He talks about his resume in ROH and how any man would be happy with the accomplishments that he has had. Daniels lists off his accolades. Like being in the first ROH main event, being part of the 1st ever tag team champions, being the second ROH TV Champ and taking part in the first ever 1 hour match in Ring of Honor. Daniels mentions all the greats that he has faced in the past like Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and CM Punk. He also mentions Eddie Edwards, Low Ki and Davey Richards as well. Daniels realizes that he is considered a forefather of Ring Of Honor but he also acknowledges that he may be known as "the world champ that never was."... Daniels closes the promo by saying that he is destined to become The Ring Of Honor World Champion. He says that destiny has no expiration date.

- A video airs that chronicles the history of The ROH Top Prospect Tournament. The winners from the last 4 tournaments are shown in Matt Taven, Hanson, Donovan Dijak and Lio Rush..... We cut back to ringside and Kevin Kelly is now joined by Mark Briscoe and Frankie Kazarian for the main event. Kelly states that this is the end of one tournament but that next week will be the start of a new one in The 2017 ROH Top Prospect Tournament.


This tournament started with 8 men who have all had experience with ROH dating back 10 years or more. These two in the final here are true ROH originals. Both men adhere to the Code of Honor handshake prior to the match. Kazarian on commentary is worried how a loss here could be the end of his partner's career. Mark Briscoe talks about how his brother has unraveled since losing the ROH World Title....

Evenly contested bout early on. With both men trying to score the quick victory by attempting their finishers. The show heads to the break with both men going tit for tat offensively.... When the show returns, Daniels gains a brief advantage by grounding Jay Briscoe to the mat after a drop toe-hold. Briscoe battles back with some high impact offense on Daniels. He hits a leg lariat and knocks him down. Jay is in control now and lands several european uppercuts and headbutts on Daniels. The pace picks up in the match. As does the level of aggression. Both men exchange several hard hitting strikes. Daniels actually wins the exchange and hits a springboard moonsault on Briscoe. He covers for the matches first near fall. Daniels then appiles a Koji Clutch submission on Briscoe. Jay is locked in deep but manages to get to the ropes, to break the hold. Daniels stays agressive and hits a short arm lariat to the back of Briscoe's neck. He covers him for another nearfall. Daniels stays in control of the match and Jay Briscoe finds an opening, goes to the outside to regroup and rethink his strategy.

The show goes to it's final break before this matches conclusion.... Jay Briscoe builds up momentum when the show returns. He knocks Daniels to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope. He then goes for broke and hits a suicide dive on Daniels. Mark Briscoe on commentary suggests that his brother try and get the countout victory here. Kazarian talks about how that type of loss would be so demoralizing for Daniels. Jay Briscoe rolls into the ring and the ref begins his count. Daniels is able to get to the apron to break the count. Jay meets him there with some stiff blows. Jay tries to run at Daniels but Christopher ducks, and Briscoe lands hard on the outside floor. Daniels springs off the ropes and hits Briscoe with a moonsault. Both men land hard on the outside floor and the ref rushes to check on both of them.

Mark Briscoe and Frankie Kazarian leave the broadcast table to check on their partners. Kaz rallies Daniels to get up and inside the ring. Mark does the same with his brother. With both Jay Briscoe and Christopher Daniels back inside the ring. They both rush at one another and collide in mid-air with flying cross body blocks. When both men eventually get back to their feet. They get into a slugfest in the center of the ring. An exhausted Daniels appears to collapse during this exchange. Briscoe leans over a fallen Daniels but gets rolled up in a small package. Briscoe is able to kick out but then gets hit with "Angels Wings" by Daniels. Briscoe kicks out yet again. Daniels is in disbelief but with Briscoe laying on the mat barely moving. Daniels gets the ref to count out Jay Briscoe. When Jay rises before the count of ten, Daniels charges at him but gets caught and hit with a death valley driver. Briscoe is unable to capitalize and attempt to pin Daniels. Christopher then counters Briscoe when he gets back to his feet and hits a Urinagi. He then signals for "the best moonsault ever". Briscoe stops Daniels before he can even get to the ropes by rolling him up for a pinfall attempt. Daniels hits another urinagi and heads once again to the top rope. He leaps off but Jay moves out of the way, and Daniels lands on his feet. Briscoe hits a combo of moves starting with a superkick and ending with a lariat. He then covers Daniels for a near pinfall. Briscoe now picks up Daniels and brings him up to the top rope. Briscoe goes for a superplex but Daniels counters and hits "The Angels Wings" on Briscoe from the top rope. Great spot.... Daniels covers Briscoe and pins him for the victory.

Christopher Daniels defeats Jay Briscoe to win The Decade of Excellence tournament, and will go on to face The ROH World Champion on March 10th at ROH's 15th Anniversary PPV Show

- After the match. Frankie Kazarian comes into the ring to celebrate with an emotional Christopher Daniels. He gets a 'you deserve it' chant from the crowd. Daniels and Jay Briscoe shake hands and salute one another as the show comes to an end.

-In the video below is a preview for the next ROH TV show.

- ROH has a very busy slate of action in the next two months. It starts with their Honor Rising shows with NJPW next week. Which will air on NJPWworld.com Then on March 4th, Manhattan Mayhem VI takes place in New York, The 15th anniversary PPV on March 10th in Vegas, and it all culminates with The 'Supercard Of Honor' show on April 1st in Lakeland Florida. For info on all these shows, Check out ROHwrestling.com


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