Roddy Piper's Kids On Piper Being Stabbed, Never Winning World Title, Scripted Promos In WWE, More

All Wrestling recently interview the children of "Rowdy" Roddy Pipers, Ariel and Colt. The interview was done in conjunction with the release of the book Rowdy: The Roddy Piper Story. They sent us these highlights:

Roddy, in my opinion was the greatest of all time to never win the WWF heavyweight title. I always thought he should have. He had success with the Intercontinental title and various other titles in the territories, but why do you think the WWF never really went with him as the "top guy"?

Ariel: "He really was all about the art and didn't care for accolades. He felt like he had nothing to prove."

Colt: "My father never needed help getting over, and that is the basic function of a title. I love Uncle Ric (Flair), but if he's a 15 time champion, that also means he lost the title 15 times. Dad never needed it, he was already over."

Colt, what was your pro wrestling training with your father like?

Cody: "It was brutal and it started out when I was very young. I can remember times when I was only 8 or 9 where he would put me in his famous sleeper hold and hold it for 45 seconds and let me breathe for 10, then hold it for 30 seconds and then let me breathe for 5 and so on as a method of teaching me how to control my own body. He used to put combat boots on me and a broomstick up my back and make me run miles in the snow. It set me up for what I am doing now though."

From fans stabbing your father in Los Angeles, to beating him with broken off car antennas in Hawaii and the mobs of people at Madison Square Garden, do you think that kind of heat was something that only Roddy could draw? You certainly don't see that kind of reaction from the crowds today, even with the top heels.

Ariel: "Times were different then, the business was more protected and the fans believed more. The business was not exposed like it is today however alot of it had to do with our dad. Nobody could draw heat like him."

Colt: "Everything now in WWE is so scripted, guys don't really have the chance to develop characters and get the fans as angry as they used to when Roddy was in his prime. Nobody can sell you like you. Nobody could play Roddy Piper better than Roddy Piper. He knew how to draw the hatred out of a crowd."

Ariel: "Characters like my Dad are probably the reason why people aren't allowed to shoot from the hip anymore!"

Colt and Ariel also discussed WrestleMania 1, Piper's WCW run, losing their father and more. You can read the full interview at All Wrestling.