ROH TV Recap: The Young Bucks Defend The Tag Titles, Six-Man Scramble Match And More

Ring Of Honor TV Episode #281
Taped @ Center Stage In Atlanta,Georgia

Kevin Kelly opens the show on commentary alongside Colt Cabana. It's worth noting that reports surfaced last week that Kelly will no longer be ROH's play by play announcer. It's a decision that Kelly made himself. There are conflicting reports as to whether Kelly will remain with ROH in a lesser role behind the scenes. He will continue to call the action for New Japan Pro Wrestling's NJPW World broadcasts. This is yet another huge blow to ROH after also losing Steve Corino and Nigel McGuinness. For the time being, Ian Riccaboni is expected to assume the lead play by play job for Ring of Honor going forward.

War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs. Punishment Martinez & BJ Whitmer

No Kevin Sullivan at ringside to back up Martinez and Whitmer. An all out brawl in this one. Where Kevin Kelly admits and instructs Colt Cabana that they won't need to call this match hold for hold. Both teams exchange the advantage going into the show's first break. When the show returns, Hanson is on the offensive and ends up hitting running lariats from corner to corner on Martinez and Whitmer. He does this while doing a battle cry, that the crowd plays along with in the video below.

The match eventually breaks down from a standard tag team match to an all out brawl. The referee loses control of the action. All 4 men battle on the outside with chairs. They both end up getting counted out and brawl to the backstage area.

War Machine and Punishment Martinez/BJ Whitmer battle to a double countout

Back from the break. The ROH Six-Man Champions make their way to the ring for this upcoming match.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Corey Hollis, John Skyler & Joe A'Gau

The Kingdom goes on the attack immediately. They take out A'Gau on the ringside floor with a triple team powerbomb.

Corey Hollis is then thrown into the ringpost. That leaves John Skyler on his own against The Kingdom. He gets roughed up and triple teamed for the next few minutes. This match looks like it may end up being a quick squash but Skyler eventually battles back and tags in the returning Corey Hollis. He comes in and takes down The Kingdom. He then goes to work on Marseglia. Hollis and Skyler hits some tandem moves on him. Marseglia fights back by biting Hollis in the face. Taven and O'Ryan are back and dispose of Skyler from the ring. They then hit their "Thy Kingdom Come" triple team power bomb on Hollis and pick up the victory.

The Kingdom defeats Corey Hollis, John Skyler & Joe A'Gau

After the match. Matt Taven gets on the mic and tells the crowd that The Kingdom will end up being the only Six-Man champs in ROH history. That they will never be beaten. Out comes Dalton Castle and The Boys onto the entrance ramp. Dalton and The Boys end up doing a demonstration of what they will do to The Kingdom when they face them. The Boys play fight with Castle on the stage. Matt Taven calls the demonstration cute and challenges them to come to the ring. As Dalton and the boys make their way to ringside. Colt Cabana leaves the broadcast table and clobbers the boys. He injures them and the medical staff and Dalton tend to them. Matt Taven mocks Castle and company by stating that they just missed their chance to challenge for the six-man titles.

When the show returns from the break. Colt Cabana tries to rejoin the broadcast table. Kevin Kelly however dismisses Cabana from commentary. He tells Colt that he violated his duties as a commentator because of his actions at ringside. Colt argues with Kelly about his dismissal but eventually leaves.

Video is now shown of last week's challenge by The Young Bucks to The Tempura Boyz, after their victory in a triple threat tag team match. Two backstage Young Buck promos follow this video. In one of the promos, The Bucks pretend to be The Tempura Boyz. They impersonate them after getting superkicked last week. Matt and Nick Jackson mock them by speaking Japanese and pretending to be scared and hurt by The Bucks.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Tempura Boyz (Sho & Yo)

It's all Bucks early on as Matt and Nick control the action with tandem offense. The show goes to a break with them in control. When it returns, Highlights are shown of what transpired during the break. The Bucks hit a tandem suicide dive on The Boyz. They then hit stereo apron powerbombs and end up leaping off of the stage onto Sho & Yo. The action is now on the inside of the ring. Matt Jackson goes for the first superkick attempt of the match. Sho blocks it and The Tempura Boyz finally start to mount some offense. They double team Matt and hit a tandem back cracker on him for a near fall. Nick Jackson comes in to save his brother and gets involved. The action heads to the outside and Nick accidentally punt kicks Matt. The Boyz then hit stereo german suplexes on The Bucks. The crowd gives The Boyz a "Tempura" chant.

The Tempura Boyz now have the momentum on their side. They now hit a tandem powerbomb/spinning heel kick from the top rope on Matt Jackson. The move leads to a near pinfall. Matt is in trouble briefly but gets out of it by tagging in his brother Nick. He comes into the ring and hits a flurry of offensive moves. Nick hits a springboard facebuster on Sho, and then connects with a springboard moonsault onto Yo. Nick then stares into the camera and leads the crowd in a "Delete Suck It" chant. While this is going on, It gives The Tempura Boyz a chance to regroup and they do. Sho & Yo hit a tandem pop up codebreaker on Nick Jackson, and it nets them a near pinfall victory. Sho now applies the boston crab to Nick. Matt comes in and attempts to superkick Sho but it gets blocked, and he is now put into The Boston Crab. Nick is back on his feet and he superkicks Sho down to the mat. Yo comes into the ring and tries to battle both of The Bucks. He ends up evading several superkick attempts before eventually getting caught with one by both Jacksons in unison. The superkick party begins and ends when Matt drapes Sho over the middle ropes, and Nick does a 450 splash onto him and covers him for the pinfall victory.

The Young Bucks defeat The Tempura Boyz to retain The ROH World Tag Team Championships

After the match. The Bucks raise the hands of The Boyz. It's merely a setup for the arrival of Hangman Page. Who jumps the Tempura Boyz from behind. Page leaps into the ring and hits a double lariat on them. The Bucks and Page pose and taunt The Boyz afterwards.

Footage is now shown from last week where ROH TV Champ, Marty Scurll challenged the entire ROH locker room to present a real contender to his title. It led to 6 challengers accepting and agreeing to a six-man scramble to determine who will earn an ROH TV title shot.

'The Villain' Marty Scurll now makes his way to ringside and joins Kevin Kelly on commentary for the show's main event. He sits with his umbrella open during the entire match.

Six-Man Scramble Match
Donovan Dijak vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Lio Rush vs. Jay White vs. Jonathan Gresham

All six competitors shake hands and do a group hug prior to the match starting.

The rules in an ROH scramble match are that 2 men start inside the ring while 4 competitors start in each corner. Competitors can be tagged into the match at any time. If a competitor goes to the outside. Then the competitors in the corners can enter the match legally. This scenario plays out quickly when Jay White and Jonathan Gresham crash to the outside floor after jostling on the top rope. Lio Rush and Donovan Dijak go at it now for awhile, in a speed vs power game. Where Rush actually wins out and sends Dijak to the outside floor. The Motor City Machine Guns intervene and actually start treating this as if it were a tag match. They end up working together. The Guns start using their signature tandem offense on all 4 of their competitors. Sabin and Shelly control the action until they eventually tease turning on each other when Shelley attempts to steal a pinfall victory away from Sabin. They both argue for a bit and then make up. The Guns start double teaming again. This time they are working on Gresham and Sabin accidentally clotheslines Shelley. This leads to a frantic pace. Where all 6 competitors end up taking to the air and leaping onto each other. The aerial sequence ends with Donovan Dijak hitting a corkscrew moonsault onto all 5 other wrestlers at ringside. Dijak then attempts to double chokeslam Lio Rush and Jonathan Gresham. They both escape his grasp, and Rush hits a reverse rana on Dijak. The Rebellion now run out to ringside and attack Jonathan Gresham. The Guns and Jay White go after The Rebellion, and they battle to the back area. Meanwhile.... Donavan Dijak and Lio Rush are the only two men who remain in this match. They are in the ring and Rush takes down Dijak with successive kicks. He heads to the top rope and leaps off with a frog splash. Dijak reaches out his arm while laying on the mat, and catches Rush in mid-air by his throat. Dijak attempts a choke breaker, Rush avoids but ends up getting hit with "Feast Your Eyes" by Dijak. Donovan covers Rush and pins him to get the victory.

Donovan Dijak defeats Lio Rush, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay White & Jonathan Gresham in a Six-Man Scramble Match to become the new #1 contender to The ROH World Television Championship

After the match, Marty Scurll stands up from the broadcast table. He holds up his TV title, stares at Dijak and starts trash talking with him. Kevin Kelly interrupts to cut to action in the back area. War Machine is shown backstage brawling with Martinez and Whitmer. This is how the show awkwardly ends this week.

Here is a preview for ROH's next TV show in the video below.


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