Samoa Joe Vs. Cesaro Slow Motion Video, New Animated WWE Studios Movie Out Today (Video), Birthdays

- Above is slow motion video from this week's Samoa Joe vs. Cesaro match on RAW.

- WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat turns 64 years old today while WWE trainer Norman Smiley turns 52, former WWE star Aaron Aguilera turns 40 and former ECW Champion Masato Tanaka turns 44. Also, today would have been the 78th birthday of former WWE star 'The Missing Link' Dewey Robertson.


- Below is a new trailer for WWE Studios' "The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!" movie that comes out today on Digital HD. It will be available via home video on March 14th. The movie features Vince McMahon, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Big Show, The Usos, Alicia Fox, Sheamus, Michael Cole, Stardust and Dolph Ziggler.