Sean Waltman On Seth Rollins' Injury, Samoa Joe's Attack Taking Too Long, Omega And Okada Criticism

This week on Sean Waltman's X-Pac 1,2,360, the former WWE Superstar discussed Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe's Monday Night Raw segment, which left Rollins injured. Sean also expressed disappointment in Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega, while praising AJ Styles and John Cena's Royal Rumble match. You can watch it in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes, they sent us these highlights:

Did he believe Rollins is really injured?

"I didn't at first. When I saw it I was thinking to myself, ahh this is good. They're really doing that, making people think that they're going to miss out on Seth Rollins again for WrestleMania and then they give him to them makes them feel like they got something extra. Good idea! But then I watched the end of the beatdown when he went into the [Coquina Clutch]. Really, yeah, I can see how that tweaked his right knee."

Samoa Joe's beatdown on Rollins:

"The thing that just stood out to me is this beatdown should've been a quarter as long as it was. It's my opinion, but I think my opinion counts, and It just seemed like it drug on and on and on. Not that everything he did wasn't great, but still. [Three] sentons? I mean, one's fine. I know we want to let people see what Joe does, but we didn't have to give it all to them in one beatdown."

AJ Styles vs John Cena match at Royal Rumble:

"Pro wrestling matches don't get any better than that. Now OK you might go, oh yeah, because people came back at me, what about Okada/ Omega. OK, it's subject to opinion. I didn't say it was better. I just said they don't get better, and they don't. So maybe Omega/Okada was as good."

His reaction to Omega and Okada tweeting their match was better:

"How about just giving them props for having a great match? That's what we usually do. That's the professional thing to do... So I'm a little disappointed to have read that."


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