Sunny Reveals That She Invited Chyna To Go To Rehab With Her Before Her Passing

TMZ Sports recently spoke with Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, as seen in the video above. Sytch spoke about the passing of Joanie Laurer, a.k.a. Chyna, and noted that she was in rehab when Laurer passed away. She said that they would FaceTime each other every night, and stated that she was going to rehab for three months and invited Laurer to join her.

"Every time we'd FaceTime, she was out of it," Sytch said.

Sytch said that she offered for the two of them to go to rehab together and that they might even get a reality show out of it. Chyna declined, noting that she knew what she was doing and was having fun.

After her passing, Sytch said that she felt very guilty because "she'd still be here" if she went to rehab with her. Sytch noted that you can't force someone to do something that they don't want, "especially when it comes to rehab, you have to want it."


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