Vader Sends Out Sad Tweet About His Health, Fans On WWE SmackDown, Tajiri Entrance Music (Video)

- Above, WWE put out Tajiri's entrance music entitled, "Green Mist." After being gone from WWE for twelve years, Tajiri returned to primarily work on their 205 Live show. Brian Kendrick has been on the receiving end of his green mist sprays on a couple occasions.

- WWE's latest poll asked fans: "What was the most chaotic moment on this week's SmackDown LIVE?" As of this writing, the results are: Randy Orton refusing to face off with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania (61 percent), Luke Harper's attack of Bray Wyatt before the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match (19 percent), Baron Corbin Deep Sixing Dean Ambrose through the electric equipment (17 percent), and Mickie James feigning to have a shoulder injury to beat Becky Lynch (4 percent).

- As noted in November, Vader told fans that he had about two years to live due to congestive heart failure. While some of his updates from there on had some promise from other doctor visits, he sent this tweet out yesterday: