What Happened After Last Night's WWE 205 Live Taping With Randy Orton, The Miz And Bray Wyatt?

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader @blkbltkid for sending us these details of what happened after last night's SmackDown / 205 Live tapings:

After last night's 205 Live went off the air, WWE changed the ring to the RAW setup to film more scenes of Fighting With My Family, the movie about Paige and her family produced by WWE Studios and The Rock's production company, Seven Bucks Productions.

While they were changing the ring, The Miz came out and made fun of people in the crowd. He said that one fan doesn't know love because he's fat. The Miz then tried to read a poem for his three-year anniversary and said that Maryse and himself were going to dance for the crowd. He then ripped the crowd some more, and said that Ontario was a "wannabe Hollywood" and ripped another fan who bought a championship belt because "he'll never be champion because he's a loser." He yelled at the ring crew for taking too long to set the ring up to film the movie.

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and The Miz eventually came out. Miz told Orton and Wyatt to leave, telling Wyatt "to pick up his lantern and leave" and asking Orton to go "RKO somewhere out of nowhere." The crowd started to go crazy. Miz asked Orton to RKO people in the crowd but to leave since he was going to do the first dance with Maryse for their three-year wedding anniversary. Finally Wyatt hit The Miz with a Sister Agigail into an RKO from Orton to end the segment and to start filming scenes for the movie.


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