Woman Who Tom Phillips Was Pursuing Talks Going Public, Why She Spoke Out, WWE Reprimanding Phillips

As noted, WWE announcer Tom Phillips was caught apparently trying to have an affair with a woman on social media, who went public about it after learning that he was engaged. I spoke with Missy, also known as "missythetattooedgirl", who discussed her online relationship with Phillips and why sent went public.


"[We] first started talking over a month ago, people seem to think that one message is the only message, or it was some sort of photo shopped picture I've put together," said Missy, whose full name has been omitted for privacy reasons. "We've been talking for a while and it started with me seeing a picture on his Instagram, and I commented on it. About an hour later he DMd me and was like 'Hey.' I said hi back, of course, and I thought he was just being nice. He said, 'I saw your comment, don't think they go unnoticed.' And we just started talking from there about wrestling, my tattoos, my Instagram name is all over the place now so everyone is pretty aware of how tattooed I am. That kind of segued into us starting to flirt a little bit. He started to say they were attractive, the tattoos, that I was the polar opposite of what he looks like. I had asked in DM actually whether or not he was seeing anybody, if he was single, married, and he said no I am single and 'living the dream.'"


Missy noted that she's a wrestling fan and knew of Phillips, however never knew that he was engaged.

"I always knew who he was. I think some people thought that because of my friends I found out he was a WWE commentator — no, because of my friends I found out he was engaged. I mean, I was a fan of his for years, I know who he is and I know of his work inside the WWE... I wouldn't say I'm a fan in the sense of 'Wow, what a great commentator, let's follow him around.' All I did was like a picture one day.

"Moving forward we ended up talking in the DMs when he said he was single, he said he wanted to take the conversation off of DMs, which made sense, and he gave me his phone number. We were texting every single day from that day on. Every day. There is not a day that went by up until this past Thursday, we've spoken every single day. Every night he would FaceTime, so I was not catfished, some people accused that of happening. I saw his face. We FaceTimed before, we talked every single day [and] text messaged."

She revealed that Phillips was reprimanded by WWE last week for communicating with her on a company phone.

"On Thursday he called me and said he had just been reprimanded by WWE human resources because he had been speaking to me this whole time on his company cell phone. I was very upset. I felt like conversations had been exposed, I was not even aware that I was talking on a company phone. The picture and the airplane and that conversation was one of many, we've talked a certain way and we've always flirted, I'm single. I thought he was single. I thought we were just two consenting adults talking, I'm in my thirties and I'm not really sliding into DMs or whatever.


"He tells me on Thursday that WWE came down on him about the phone, that they're shutting down that phone, and they're shutting down his accounts, monitoring everything, and he doesn't think he'll be able to speak to me anymore. He said he wanted to make this SnapChat so at least he could talk to me and the messages would disappear. He was very paranoid. He was very paranoid from the punishment from the WWE."

She said that later that evening she had a conversation with Phillips, which raised some red flags.

"That night on SnapChat we were talking about the fact that we had made plans to meet up in Brooklyn. I'm located in Queens, New York and he's supposed to be in Brooklyn in three weeks. So that was our plan and we were talking about it, and he was saying how he wanted it to be a date now. He said he wanted it to be like a date to see if it could be something bigger and I said 'sure.' My friends took a picture of the phone because we were both in shock that he decided to turn this into a date, and then I asked him very plainly, 'Why do you not have a personal cell phone to speak to me on?' He said he just never needed one, he's always been about just his career. I said, 'I don't understand, do you not have a personal life? Do you not have anyone to go home to?' And he kept saying no. That was why he didn't have a phone. When I said that to my friend at the time, that's when she found that to be a red flag. She started doing the research on Friday and found his engagement video.


"I never searched and I blame myself for that. I really believed him, I didn't think he had a reason to lie at all. That's what we read on the internet, something like he has an open relationship. Which may or may not be true, but I still think I had a right as the other person participating to be notified of that. I knew nothing. He absolutely just kept telling me he was single, talked to me every single day, and then when my friend goes and says, 'Oh my god, I just saw this engagement video.' And I saw it was posted on this photography website sometime in mid-February, and I realized this was while we were talking. He's doing all these things while we were speaking to each other and while we were making these plans. He wanted to fly me to Minneapolis [yesterday] on his miles so he could see me. We have never met in person, this has all been through text, FaceTime, DMs. We were then supposed to meet in Brooklyn in a few weeks, he was gonna give us tickets to the RAW after, and that's when he said, 'Let's see if this could be something and we'll take it from there.'"

Missy noted that she tried to get in contact with Phillips after learning about his engagement, however he had deleted his Snapchat.


"That's literally where we left off, I saw the engagement thing, I went back onto the SnapChat because it's the only way to get in touch with him, it's the only thing I had. The company phone was turned off, everything else was turned private. I tried to reach out on the SnapChat and it was gone. So I had nothing, absolutely nothing. I was so blown away by the fact that he could talk to me every single day and still somehow be planning a wedding. I couldn't believe it. I really am like a regular person with a small Instagram, I wasn't out there trying to post this picture like 'Let's get revenge, how dare he!' My mind was more on the fact that he really could've been massaging tons of girls that also have no idea he's engaged. So I had taken that one picture and posted it and hashtagged it. In an hour there were Twitter memes, everything. It just exploded. I started getting a ton of messages, I started getting a ton of friend requests, that's why I turned my pages to private [she has since disabled her Instagram].

"But its been tough because when I decided to put that out there, it sounds really naive but I'm just a hurt person who let somebody into my life, I confided in him, I talked to him every single day and night about my family, my work, stresses, everything. And he was constantly talking to me about [personal things], how excited he was to meet me. There was just no indication that anything was off. I got so tricked and it made me want to put it out there and he can do this to any girl in any state. I don't live in the same state as him. It was so awful when I saw this engagement video with this girl who I didn't know existed, I would never have even have had a conversation with this man if I knew she existed and that made me feel terrible."


Missy noted that she hasn't heard from Phillips since her Instagram post, but hopes to get some kind of explanation.

"So I got nothing from him and the main reason I posted it was I was hoping to get some sort of explanation and was hoping to get anything. Anything at all. But I have not heard back, I don't even know if he's able to get in touch with me or if he would even want to. I do wish he'd reach out. I'd like an explanation just as to why he did this. I just hope I get an explanation and apology one day. You know that people had tagged his fiancee in the memes that were made and I did see that she has me blocked on Instagram, which I understand. I do want to say that I tried to reach out to her privately before this all came about and I could not get through to her.

"It's tough for me, a lot of people are saying I tried to ruin this person's life, but by exposing what happened with him I'm exposing myself to. Everything I did was as a single woman but I'm still putting myself out there as saying I have feelings for a person who completely lied to me from day one. And that' super embarrassing to put out on the internet and I'm getting such 50/50 responses. I'm getting like, people want to see more photos, people want — yeah they're asking to see other things, they're saying these photos are fake. I can say right now that I wish very much that this entire situation was made up and it didn't exist but it does. It's definitely no fun for me either and it I wasn't trying to embarrass anyone. I really did not expect it to become so huge. This is my only statement to everyone and I hope people can move on and I truly apologize for any hurt and pain I've caused."