WrestleMania Vs. Super Bowl Comparison, Dana Warrior Signs WWE Contract, New Day Watch Super Bowl

- WWE posted the video above of Kofi Kingston, who is a Patriots fan, and Xavier Woods, who is a Falcons fan, watching the Super Bowl last night on an UpUpDownDown live stream. The game featured The Patriots mounting an epic comeback to win in overtime, which was the first time a Super Bowl had ever went into overtime.

- Speaking of the Super Bowl, we noted over the weekend that Randy Orton said that the event "doesn't have sh-t on Wrestlemania." Alfred Konuwa's latest blog at Forbes looks at Orton's comment and how it isn't so far-fetched in some aspects by comparing the last five Super Bowls to WrestleManias held in the same host city.

"The Super Bowl generates exponentially more than WrestleMania when it comes to economic impact, but WWE's comparable figures in attendance and ad revenue make WrestleMania a bigger bang for the buck of host cities, who have to bid significantly more in order to host the Super Bowl," Konuwa wrote. "It doesn't help that the jury seems to be out on whether or not it makes business sense to host a Super Bowl. Articles from the Huffington Post, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal seem to suggest the Super Bowl investment may not be a wise one."

- Dana Warrior, the wife of the late Ultimate Warrior, revealed on Twitter that she recently signed a multi-year deal with WWE as a brand ambassador. She wrote about her new position with WWE on UltimateWarrior.com:

"On January 27, 2017 a contract between WWE and myself was officially executed. I could not be more excited about becoming an official part of the WWE family...although I always felt I was one. I have an opportunity now to work at WWE as a Brand Ambassador.

"The relationship with WWE has built slowly and meaningfully; the way good ones do. From day one it was my mission to preserve my late husband's legacy and ensure his Warriors around the world continued access to his brand of inspiration. I could not have anticipated all the ways WWE would partner with me and then go beyond in sewing Ultimate Warrior into their universe's fabric. I could not have predicted how through this company I would find and develop myself, cultivate and unearth my skills. My roots were already at WWE; they've given me a place to struggle through growing pains but ultimately bloom."

You can read her full blog entry at this link.


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