WWE Elimination Chamber: Becky Lynch Vs. Mickie James

Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the ring and Becky Lynch is out first. Mickie James is out next.

They lock up to start and tangle out to the floor. More back and forth after bringing it back in. Becky sends Mickie to the floor and taunts her while holding the rope open for her to come back in. Becky sends Mickie face first into the ring post and side kicks her off the apron, back to the floor. Becky with a forearm off the apron to a pop.

Mickie suckers Becky in and comes back into the ring with a DDT. Mickie with quick pin attempts. Mickie works Becky around and focuses on her arm now. Becky finally makes a comeback and unloads while selling the arm. Mickie cuts her off with a kick to the arm. Mickie sends Becky into the ring post. Mickie keeps control and hits the hurricanrana out of the corner.

Mickie keeps Becky grounded now. Becky finally makes a comeback and hits the Bexploder suplex for a 2 count. Becky misses in the corner and Mickie nails a flapjack. Mickie kicks up but wastes time. Mickie goes to the top and blows a kiss before hitting the seated senton for a 2 count. Fans chant for Becky now. Becky makes another comeback and hits the missile dropkick for a 2 count. Mickie manages to hit the Mick Kick but Becky's leg is under the bottom rope. Mickie with a 2 count. Mickie goes on but Becky counters the DDT. Becky applies the Disarm Her but it's countered. Becky counters with a roll up for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the bell, Becky immediately goes to ringside to celebrate with fans. Mickie throws a fit in the ring as Becky makes her exit and we go to replays.

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