WWE Elimination Chamber Betting Odds, Big Favorite For Goldberg Vs. Kevin Owens At Fastlane

The early odds for Elimination Chamber and the Fastlane main event have been released. Thanks to Bet Wrestling for sending us the following:

Irish sportsbook Paddy Power suggests that Sunday's Elimination Chamber will crown a new WWE Champion in Bray Wyatt who has 1/10 odds. This means there is a 90% percent chance of Wyatt winning the chamber match and this is driven by the tentative Wrestlemania match of Bray vs Randy Orton. With Orton being number one contender, Wyatt would need to be champion for this match to be possible.

John Cena, who is going into the chamber as champion, has odds of 4/1, which translates to a 25% chance of retaining. Cena is rumored to be teaming with girlfriend Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania, leaving himself preoccupied to defend the championship against Randy.

The European market have also added odds on some of the undercard matches with Randy Orton, Nikki Bella, Mickie James and the team of Kalisto and Apollo Crews all currently favored to win their respective matches.

The other participants odds of winning are listed below and to understand the European fractional odds, there is a fast and easy formula, The number or the left would be won if the number on the right is risked. For example a $9 wager on Wyatt at 1/9 would only yield $1, but a $1 bet on Dean Ambrose could win $18. Once again this is the European Market and the American Market is expected to be live any day.

Below are the odds with the favorites listed first:

WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber Match

Bray Wyatt 1/9

John Cena 4/1

AJ Styles 8/1

The Miz 14/1

Baron Corbin 16/1

Dean Ambrose 18/1

Singles Match

Randy Orton 2/7 vs Luke Harper 9/4

Women's Singles

Nikki Bella 4/11 vs Natalya 15/8

Women's Singles

Mickie James 8/13 vs Becky Lynch 6/5

Handicap Match

Dolph Ziggler 1/1(evens) vs Apollo Crews and Kalisto 8/11

Odds are also in from the sportsbook for the WWE Fastlane main event and a new Universal Champion looks probable. Goldberg is currently at 1/10, making him a heavy favorite. Current champion Kevin Owens is actually the underdog at 5/1. Remember, a Goldberg win doesn't necessarily mean he walks out as champion because a count out or disqualification is a possibility.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar has been announced for Wrestlemania and it's rumored to be the match that closes the event. Goldberg has been dominant in his comeback and Fastlane shouldn't be any different.

WWE Universal Championship

Goldberg 1/10 vs. Kevin Owens 5/1


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