Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of WWE NXT. Tonight's episode will feature Bobby Roode's glorious celebration coming off his victory at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio for the NXT Championship. We'll also see tag action with The Revival and more.

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The announce team welcomes us to the show, that now includes Nigel McGuinness in place of Corey Graves. SAnitY makes their entrance for their match.

SAnitY (Dain/Wolfe) vs. The Bollywood Boyz

The former Big Damo throwing his size around early as the cruiserweight tag team is no match so far. "Shave your back" chant from the always festive Full Sail crowd. The Boyz get Dain to a knee and tease a double super kick. Instead the behemoth takes out both opponents and stacks them on top of each other. Dain finishes off the match with a Michinoku Driver from the Electric Chair position. Wolfe never has to break a sweat.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY

- After the match, the victors take the mic. Nikki Cross screams "Asuka" over and over until she's put in the corner. The fearless leader Eric Young calls back on Tye Dillinger and says he humbled the "Perfect 10" at TakeOver and that Dillinger belongs in SAnitY.

- Let's head back to the ring for women's division action.

Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay

Apparently having suspenders that aren't used on clothing is now the "in" thing, at least in WWE. They tie up and have a fairly clean break in the corner. Side head lock from Morgan. She trips up the taller opponent and we go rolling, the ref counting the one on each rotation. Billie Kay not happy about being a bit embarrassed and the power game comes to life. Two count after a big clothesline. Kay with a suplex and two count. Royce tries to aid her friend with some leverage on the ropes, but Morgan sends one friend into another as Royce goes tumbling. Morgan with the bridged roll-up and a surprise three count for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Liv Morgan

- Backstage with Tye Dillinger. Dillinger says he lost the numbers game against SAnitY at TakeOver. He goes to talk about the Royal Rumble and gets ambushed by SAnitY. The brawl goes out to ringside. Roderick Strong and No Way Jose come out for the assist and a new alliance is formed.

- Mr. Regal announces that UK Title will be defended next week. Champ Tyler Bate will face Trent Seven for the title. Royce and Kay barge in demanding another match with Liv Morgan next week. Mr. Regal grants their wish as the Aussie duo will take on Morgan and a partner of her choosing. They giddily storm off thinking Morgan has no friends.

- It's announced that former NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura will not need surgery on his injured knee, but there is no distinct timetable for his return.

Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Tucker Knight and Dash Wilder start us off. Wilder wildly unsuccessful with a trio of shoulder blocks. Knight picks up Wilder for a bear hug. Tag is made and a pitch and catch of Wilder is perfectly executed. Dawson distracts the official for Wilder to take bite out of Dozovic. Revival going back to their trademark quick tags on the big man utilizing some nice tandem offense. Dawson gets caught in a side slam from Dozovic and tags are made. The Knight Train is rolling as Tucker cleans house. Knight goes for the tag, but Dozovic gets pulled off the apron by Wilder. Knight comes after his adversaries only to get caught by a Dawson DDT for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Revival

- After the match, they remind everyone they're the best tag team around. They tout their year-end awards. They make several "best" analogies. They call out Authors of Pain for NXT TakeOver: Orlando and say they'll only be a footnote to the Revival. AOP's music hits and Revival scurries away. AOP head back up the ramp and pose with the titles. Revival picks their spot and make a sneak attack on AOP to get in their head. Ellering holds his guys back from going after their challengers.

- 6-man tag announced for later as SAnitY takes on Dillinger, Jose, and Strong.

- Video package for UK Champion Tyler Bate. We see highlights from the UK Tournament. Although he's only 19 years old, he says the only numbers he cares about are 1-2-3.

- Time for the Glorious Championship Celebration! Roode comes out on his twirling platform dressed to the nines. A combination of "Boo!" and "Roode!" chants fill the arena. Roode tells everyone "told ya so" and maintains he's on a different level and has proved it. Roode puts over Shinsuke Nakamura by listing off his opponents that he's beaten, but says he hasn't beating him. Roode brings up Nakamura's promise of kicking his head off and shows it's still attached. Roode says his win was the single greatest moment in NXT history because NXT finally has a real champion. He does his best Ric Flair and says it's no long "we are NXT," but NXT is now his. He finishes off by saying NXT is now GLORIOUS as the smoke machines cap off the celebration.

- Vignette for Trent Seven, who challenges for the UK Title next week.

Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose vs. SAnitY

Solid reaction for each of the face team. The faces attack right away before the bell rings. SAnitY regroups as we head to break...

We're back and SAnity sent retreating again and get in a huddle for plan B. Dillinger able to gain control on Wolfe and tag made to Jose. Wolfe telegraphs a back body drop and Jose uses a kick to to set up a whip and arm drag. Wolfe able to take hold of Jose and drag him to the chaotic corner of SAnitY. Young in the match and Jose hits a back body drop for a near fall. Strong tagged in, but EY sends him to the corner for a tag to Wolfe. Beautiful standing drop kick from Strong and Dillinger tagged in. Numbers game in effect once again as Dain is in the match and demolishes Dillinger. Clubbing blows from the big man and Wolfe is back in. Double team offense and a cover for a two.

Dillinger slams Wolfe to gain some separation and tags Roddy. He cleans house and takes out the rest of SAnitY on the outside. EY tags himself in but Strong hits him with a drop kick as well. All heck breaks loose as action flies everywhere. Nikki Cross gets involved and takes Dillinger out with a head scissors over the top rope. Dain mows over Strong and Young takes advantage and covers Strong for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY