WWE Talking Smack Recap (2/14): AJ Styles Wants Title Shot, Alexa Bliss And Apollo Crews

Welcome to WrestlingINC's live coverage of 'Talking Smack' on The WWE Network. Hosts Renee Young and Daniel Bryan will recap what was an explosive Smackdown Live following The Elimination Chamber...

Tonight's special guests are AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss and Apollo Crews.... Full coverage will begin immediately following 205 Live. You are all welcome to follow along and post your thoughts in the comments section below. Just hit Refresh on your browser to update the page when the show begins.

WWE Talking Smack

- Renee Young welcomes the audience to the show. She is not joined at the moment by her co-host Daniel Bryan. Renee says that Bryan is off doing GM duties. Renee gives a brief update on Dean Ambrose and his condition, after Baron Corbin attacked him on SD Live. She announces that he was taken to a medical facility, but that he appears to be ok. She also talks about how WrestleMania's main event has been derailed by Randy Orton bowing out of his WWE title match.... Daniel Bryan joins the show.

- Daniel Bryan announces that there will be a #1 contenders battle royal next week on Smackdown Live to determine a new opponent for Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. Renee asks Bryan what happens with Randy Orton now?.... Bryan says that if Orton doesn't want to face Bray, that they have no choice but to find a replacement. Bryan then tells Renee that it is all her fault because she jinxed the WrestleMania main event on Talking Smack after The Chamber show. How Renee acted like Bray vs Randy was a given.

- Alexa Bliss is the first guest on the show. She starts ripping into Naomi immediately. She mocks Naomi's injury and calls it into question the legitimacy of it. Alexa talks about how it took Naomi 8 years to become champion, while it took her less than a year. Bliss calls Naomi's 8 years in the WWE as eight years of losing. Alexa says that she will be a 2 time Women's champ, and that in 8 years, She will have a much more impressive resume than Naomi. Bryan tells Alexa that there are a lot of superstars who start their careers off hot and then burn themselves out. Alexa says that she is the future of the WWE, and that it won't happen to her. Alexa says that she is better than Naomi. Bryan notes that Alexa wasn't better than Naomi on Sunday. Alexa tries to use excuses as to why she lost. She goes back to her sleep issue, and then mistakenly says that she lost because she was upset that the Patriots lost... She is informed that they won by Bryan, and then says that she's a fan of them, and is happy about it. Boy did she get that wrong. Not only did the Patriots win but that was a week before her match with Naomi. Alexa stammers and says that she watched the Super Bowl on the plane and she didn't get any sleep as a result of it. She just digs her hole deeper. Bryan teases Alexa about her flub and Renee gets a kick out of it. Bliss calls Bryan rude. Renee apologizes to Alexa on behalf of Bryan, and she leaves the set.

- After Alexa leaves. Bryan talks about how he is a big fan of The Seattle Seahawks and that if his team won the superbowl. He would have been happy... The next topic on the show is how Bryan booked a falls count anywhere match for next week between Nikki Bella and Natalya. Bryan says that he is sick of how they can't help but fight everywhere, so a falls count anywhere match is hopefully a solution to that.

- The next topic on the show is Baron Corbin's attack on Dean Ambrose tonight. Daniel thinks that people like Baron Corbin have been winners their whole life, and how they don't know how to handle adversity. Bryan talks about how Corbin has always complained to him about not getting enough opportunities... Bryan makes a joke about not being able to see The "Big Hog" James Ellsworth wrestle tonight, as a result of Baron Corbin... Apollo Crews joins the show. His first line is "Did you hear about the Patriots?"... Good one.

- Apollo Crews is asked about Dolph Ziggler's comments about the new generation of stars in the WWE. They re-air Renee's backstage interview with Dolph from Smackdown Live. Crews says that he is very surprised by Ziggler's comments. That he was one of the guys who was very friendly and helpful to him when he first came up from NXT. Crews talks about how a couple of weeks ago, He confronted Dolph backstage after he attacked Kalisto with a chair, and Dolph headbutted him. Renee acts like this was something that happened behind the scenes, and responds "Oh My God" to Apollo's story. When it was actually a segment on SD Live from a month or so ago. Crews says that he is very loyal and stands up for his friends. Crews says that Ziggler is acting like he is threatened by him. Bryan states that Ziggler and others should be threatened by the likes of talent like Crews. Apollo says that Dolph has made things personal by trying to injure and take him out. How he missed the show tonight as a result of Dolph's action. Crews states that he lives and breathes the WWE, and that he loves doing what he does.... Bryan brings up Apollo's family background. He gets Crews to tell the story. Crews talks about his father being an immigrant and being put in military school as a kid. That his father had very little and believed in private schooling. How his dad used up all his resources to help him. Apollo Crews talks about how he was brought up, and how it helped shape him as a man. Renee and Bryan wish Apollo a speedy recovery from Ziggler's attack on sunday, and they thank him for joining the show.

- After Apollo leaves. Renee and Bryan discuss Ziggler's recent actions and career direction. Bryan runs down Ziggler's recent failings against Dean Ambrose and The Miz. Bryan notes how Dean and Miz called Dolph out for failing and then he eventually did against both those men. Bryan feels that the recent failings by Dolph have affected his mental state.

- AJ Styles joins the show. AJ is upset at Bryan. He says that he still hasn't gotten his 1 on 1 rematch for The WWE title. That he was promised after The Rumble. Bryan says that he didn't promise AJ that. Styles corrects himself, and says that it was in fact, Shane McMahon who promised him a 1 on 1 match to try and reclaim The WWE Championship. AJ asks Daniel to relay the message to Shane, and to give him what he wants. AJ questions if Daniel is just Shane's Puppet. Daniel admits that there people above him who make the final decisions. AJ talks about how he had to compete with 5 other guys in The Chamber, and then Cena and Bray tonight. How neither of those situations were fair to him. AJ is unaware of Randy Orton opting out of facing Bray at WrestleMania. Bryan tells him about the battle royal next week. Where the winner gets a WWE championship match at WrestleMania. AJ asks if he is in the battle royal. Bryan says yes. AJ is happy about being in the battle royal but it's still not the 1 on 1 rematch, he was promised. AJ then talks about how Cena cut him in line, and got his rematch granted tonight. Before it was changed to a triple threat match tonight. Bryan tries to defend the decision to give Cena an immediate rematch. Daniel notes that Cena asked for it quickly and that they gave it to him. Renee preaches patience to Styles. AJ is disgusted that Renee even has something say in all of this. He tells her that she has no power. Styles continues to complain and then leaves.

- After Styles walks off the show. Bryan admits that AJ may have a legitimate gripe. They then briefly hype next week's Smackdown Live and close the show.


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