WWE Talking Smack Recap (2/28): Guests AJ Styles, Shane McMahon, Natalya & American Alpha


- Renee Young welcomes the audience and her co-host Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan to this week's show.

- The first topic of discussion is what transpired at the end of Smackdown Live. Which saw Randy Orton sever his ties with Bray Wyatt, by burning down the resting place of Bray's sister Abigail. After years of speculation about Bray's sister. The mystery behind her was revealed tonight. Renee and Bryan discuss how they have never seen Bray Wyatt act the way that he did at the end of Smackdown. They also talk about how Randy Orton stated that he is coming for Bray Wyatt and The WWE Championship at WrestleMania. How this further complicates the main event at WrestleMania 33, with AJ Styles winning his #1 contender match against Luke Harper earlier tonight. Bryan says that he and Shane need to evaluate the situation and come to a decision, as to what they are going to do next with The WWE Title picture at WrestleMania. Renee mentions how Bryan Wyatt may be more dangerous now after what happened to him tonight. Bryan notes his history with the Wyatts in the past, and how he split from them but never stooped to the level that Randy Orton did. Bryan is at a loss for words here.

- The first guest on the show is Natalya. Renee asks Nattie about her verbal exchange with Alexa Bliss on Smackdown. Where Natalya insinuated that she was going to go after Alexa's title. Natalya tries to play innocent here and claim that she wasn't making any specific implications. She calls Alexa a kitten and describes herself as a cat. Nattie says that she is just trying to protect Alexa and give her advice. Renee asks Natalya about her falls count anywhere match last week. Nattie says that she is so proud of herself and how she beat Nikki Bella with integrity. Bryan questions Natalya's integrity when she needed Maryse to aid her in victory. Natalya brushes Bryan and his comment off and implies that her victory means that she should now be the #1 contender for The Smackdown Womens Championship. Nattie shuts down Renee when she tries to dig deeper into her comments about being the #1 contender. Natalya says that she wants to have her cake and eat it too. She then compares herself to Mickie James, and says that she is really the veteran on the roster who deserves the most respect. She then touts her family legacy and states that she should get her own show. Natalya closes the interview by going on to say that she should be women's champion.


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