Alberto El Patron Relinquishes Impact World Title Back To Bobby Lashley (Video)

As noted earlier, controversy surrounded the end of the Impact Wrestling World Title Match between Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley. After a pair of referee bumps, El Patron hit Lashley in the head with the World title belt and got the pin. As both referees were recovering, one seemingly saw the belt shot while the other counted the pin for El Patron. After the match, Bruce Prichard confronted Alberto El Patron about how he won the match and said he shouldn't be the champion.

Today, Impact Wrestling posted the video above showing a meeting between Alberto El Patron and members of Impact Wrestling about what happened. Alberto was told by Prichard, "Due to the way that you won the championship...let's just cut to the chase, we're asking you to relinquish the championship back to Bobby Lashley."

Laughing at the proposition, Alberto said "You guys have to be kidding" and Prichard responded, "It's the right thing to do, let me ask you a question, how would your Dad feel about this?"

Alberto quickly rose from his chair in anger, but after calming down, he said he would give the title back to Bobby Lashley if he could get a rematch. He was told that request would be up to Lashley and he would have to ask him first. Alberto said he wouldn't ask, but "demand" another match and stormed out of the room, leaving the title on the table.

Impact Wrestling airs on Pop TV on Thursdays at 8pm EST.

@KOllomani contributed to this article.


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