Backstage News On Major Topic At WWE Raw Regarding The Undertaker

One of the marquee matches that will take place at WrestleMania 33 will be The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns. Set up during the Royal Rumble when Reigns eliminated Undertaker, the storyline behind the angle stems from Reigns now claiming the WWE as his yard, without the approval of Undertaker.

Competing in the Royal Rumble was very painful for Undertaker, as he has been dealing with severe hip issues. Unfortunately, it does not look like it is getting any better.

According to PWInsider, one of the biggest discussions backstage during Raw was the status of The Undertaker post-WrestleMania, as he was walking around in a great deal of pain. It was reported that he was not very happy at the event due to the level of pain he was in. As a result, the discussions increased that this year may indeed be the final WrestleMania for the Dead Man.

Celebrating his 52nd birthday this weekend, there are still matches on the table with people such as Sting and John Cena that would still be a big draw. However, with his reported level of pain, WWE executives are coming to the conclusion that this year will be it for The Undertaker, in order for him to undergo major surgery which will most likely end his in-ring career.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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