Bobby Fish Says ReDragon Is Not Done, Talks How New Talent At ROH Fit In Backstage

Ring Of Honor star Bobby Fish recently joined Busted Open Radio to discuss his tag team partnership with Kyle O'Reilly and the future of reDragon. Here are the highlights:

How he enjoys being a singles competitor now:


"I love the singles run but in no way does that make me feel as though reDragon is a finished thing. You will see reDragon again, not entirely sure when or where at this point, but that's a definite. For us, both Kyle and I over the past year were really focused on singles stuff in Ring Of Honor, and a little bit in New Japan, but we were still doing a good amount of tagging there. But Ring Of Honor this past year has been almost exclusively been singles stuff. I'm quite a bit acclimated to it, certainly enjoying this time. But the facts are I enjoy both, Kyle Enjoys both, and reDragon is just too much of a good thing to walk away from entirely so that is always on the horizon. But I think right now the singles thing has been great. Its been fun."


How he feels about the new talent coming in:

"It's the process of this industry. It's the even flow of pro wrestling and guys move on to do better things, bigger things, different things is the key. They move on to something different and those spots need to be filled. I think guys are stepping into those spots perfectly fine, you know it'll take some time but the experience that I've had with guys like Leo Rush and Will Ospreay have been nothing but positive so when you look at younger guys within Ring Of Honor I think there is a ton of promise and they're sitting in a good position. For me I'd say anybody coming in, find a way to be undeniable, find a way they can't not putting you on the screen if they're concerned with having the best product possible."

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Source: Busted Open Radio