Bobby Roode Talks "NXT Takeover: Orlando Entrance" Topping Others, Triple H Influencing His Entrance

NXT Champion Bobby Roode joined Sean Waltman on X-Pac 12360 this week. You can watch the episode in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes, they sent us the highlights below.

His expectations for NXT:

"When I first started talking with WWE and I had my first conversation with Hunter, I just really wanted an opportunity. He didn't really know much about me and I didn't really know what to expect coming through the doors."

How his NXT TakeOver: Orlando entrance will compare to others:

"The entrance that I'm going to have on WrestleMania weekend at the upcoming TakeOver in Orlando is going to be pretty special. I think it's going to top all the previous three TakeOvers I've been a part of so far. They seem to keep getting bigger and better. I always remember growing up watching the entrances. That's part of the entertainment...If you have a great entrance, that's half the battle."

Bobby reveals Triple H picked the Glorious theme song:

"I think they did make ['Glorious'] for somebody else. The original song that they sent me was nothing like the 'Glorious' song. We had it kind of set out that [original song] was what I was going to use when I made my debut. But Hunter is a very smart man, obviously. He thought that this 'Glorious' song would fit my character a little better."

His first reaction to hearing 'Glorious':

"When I listened to it, it was totally different than what I had previously and totally different than everybody on the roster. Whenever you can be different and unique, that's a good opportunity. I didn't love it at first. But the more I listened to it, the catchier it got. Obviously it caught fire. It was the number one song on iTunes for a little bit of time there. So it was a blessing."

Bobby's plans for the future:

"This is a great place to be for me. Obviously I'd be lying if I said I never wanted to be on a Monday Night Raw or a SmackDown Live. But I'm just making the most of the time I have down here [at NXT], and when they feel like the time is right I'm going to go up there and try to capitalize on that opportunity the same way that I did here in NXT."


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