Bully Ray On Why WWE Didn't Use 'Bully Ray' Character, Choosing ROH Over Impact's Big Money Offer

Brian Fritz of The Sporting News has a new interview with Bully Ray, who discussed signing with ROH. Below are a couple of highlights:

Why he signed with ROH instead of Impact Wrestling:

"Impact came after me very hard, very heavy with a significant amount of money and I was considering both deals for different reasons. I do think that if Impact had would have communicated a little better, they might have given themselves a better opportunity of having me back there. My heart was in Ring of Honor and at the last moment, I made my decision."

WWE not using his 'Bully Ray' character:

"When you have something called the 'Be a STAR' program, it's not easy to have a character named Bully. That was one of the reasons. We came really, really close and I know the WWE Universe would have loved to have seen Bully Ray in a WWE ring."

Bully also discussed being "one of the most successful performers in the history of Impact," not wanting to return to Impact to fill a role slotted for Drew Galloway and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Sporting News


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