Bushwhacker Luke On British Bulldogs Giving Former WWE Wrestler "Hell," Hulk Hogan's New Venture

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Luke joined Sean Waltman and his crew on the latest episode of X-Pac 12360. During the interview he discussed how he tried to help Marty Jannetty, Hulk Hogan's latest business venture and more. You can listen to the full episode in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes, they sent use these highlights from Luke's interview:

Luke on Hulk Hogan's latest venture:

"At the end of this month Hulk is opening his new place, hopes to have it open a week before, maybe the twentieth of March, hopes to have his new store open in Atlanta, on International Drive... It's a store like a memorabilia store. But this one he's got his WWE Viper in there, he's got an NWO motorbike. It's going to be really decked out."

How The British Bulldogs treated Outback Jack on the road:

"They'd dye his hair blue. They'd shave his eyebrows off. In the hotels they'd put the Coke machines over his door, so when he went out of his hotel room drunk he couldn't get in his room. If he did get in his room his mattress would be in the bathtub, and the bathtub would be filled up with water. They'd give him hell."

Luke says he tried to help Marty Jannetty:

"I tried to set him up with [Diamond Dallas Page]. I said, I'm going to talk to Dallas. You come down to here and then I'm taking you to Dallas. He'll do the thing for you and clean you up. We had a weekend up in Louisiana, and on the way back I was going to take him there and get him to do the whole gimmick, and [Marty] didn't even arrive down there."


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