CM Punk Surprises AJ Lee With Former WWE Diva (Photo), WWE Awkward Moments, Kurt Angle At Comic-Con

- WWE posted the video above looking at awkward moments in wrestling history, which includes Sid Vicious telling Kevin Nash and Scott Hall that he has "half the brains that" they have, JBL tripping during his entrance and the Shockmaster's WCW debut.

- Just a reminder that Kurt Angle will appear at Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland this afternoon at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland from 1-4 p.m. For more details, visit

- Former WWE Diva AJ Lee turns 30 years old today. AJ noted on Instagram that CM Punk surprised her yesterday with "her other life partner" Celeste Bonin, f.k.a. Kaitlyn.

"Yesterday my husband surprised me with the best early birthday present ever, my other life partner," AJ wrote. "As I sent some emails, still in my pajamas, looking like hot morning garbage, a familiar voice rang through the hallway to my office. I looked up from my computer and saw the heavenly vision of @CelesteBonin, fresh off a plane, and yet somehow looking like cartoon birds in a Disney movie got her ready that morning."

You can check out photos of the former WWE Divas reuniting below:


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