CM Punk Tweets Young Bucks And AJ Lee, How WWE Signed Brock Lesnar, WWE 'Mania Betrayals (Video)

- Above, WWE posted the ten most shocking betrayals to take place at WrestleMania. The list included Sensation Sherri attacking "Macho Man" Randy Savage (with Elizabeth coming in for the save), Mike Tyson turning on DX, and Trish Stratus picking Christian over Chris Jericho.

- WWE posted an article on how they came to sign (and keep) Brock Lesnar to the company. Gerald Brisco was the head of WWE's Talent Relationship department and had been scouting him a year before Lesnar was in the 2000 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships. The article goes on to talk about how Jim Ross and Paul Heyman were big fans early on and how badly WWE wanted to bring the rare talent into the fold.

- CM Punk retweeted The Young Bucks, after the tag team sent out a photo of them without so much gold around them.

Punk also wished his wife, AJ Lee (who turns 30 days) a "Happy Birthday," using a gif of when Lee dressed up as Katana (from Mortal Kombat) in one of WWE's Halloween photo shoots.


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