– Above, EVOLVE put out a short film on Zack Sabre Jr.’s “Road to the Title” as they followed him throughout last weekend’s shows. Sabre recently won the EVOLVE World Championship at EVOLVE 79, ending Timothy Thatcher’s 596 day reign.

– Cody Rhodes spoke with Sports Illustrated’s “Extra Mustard” section and talked about Kurt Angle’s wrestling style:

“Sometimes, when you work with the younger stars, and this isn’t a knock on anybody, it feels like you’re dancing. When you get into a match with Kurt Angle, and it doesn’t matter how old he is because he’s just as good as he ever was, and perhaps even better on some nights. Kurt is a wrestler’s wrestler. He hits hard, he ties you up tight in ways that are uncomfortable and in ways that, if he wanted to, it could be over right then and there.”

– Last night, Cody Rhodes took on Kurt Angle in a steel cage match for Northeast Wrestling in Waterbury, CT. Here is a video of Cody going for a moonsault off the cage. Angle dodged the move and landed an Angle Slam for only a two-count, Cody went on to win the match and is up 2-1 in the three matches they’ve had together.

Source: Sports Illustrated