Former WWE manager Harvey Wippleman was a recent guest on the Talk is Jericho podcast. With nearly 40 years in the business, Wippleman had much to say about his career in the professional wrestling business. Wippleman shared some interesting stories, as well as expressed his real-life heat with Vader.

Here are some highlights.

Vader being a liar:

“Years ago, you remember 900 numbers? Before Twitter, and Facebook, and Internet. Jim Ross was running the 900 number for WWE. He says, ‘Bruno, go tell Vader to come do an interview with Howard Finkle for the 1-900 number.’ So it was right after his match with somebody, I don’t remember who it was, at the old arena in Fresno. And I said, ‘Leon, they need you to come here.’ He said, ‘Get away from me! I ain’t doing it! I don’t want to do it!’ So Jim Ross comes to me and said, ‘Did you get Vader to do his interview?’ I said, ‘No, he said he wouldn’t do it. He told me to get away from him. He was rude about it.’ So, Jim Ross and Gerry Brisco called Vader aside with me standing there. [They said], ‘Leon. How come you were rude to Bruno?’ [He said], ‘He never approached me.’ I said, ‘Leon! I walked up to you. You told me to get away from you, and you wasn’t gonna do it!’ He goes, ‘Jim, I swear on my son’s life he never approached me!’ So, he’s a lying piece of [crap].”

The Big Show wanting food and cigarettes:

“I like Big Show. But he gets mad at me for giving him cigarettes and hot dogs in front of anybody. I remember one day, I gave him Popeye’s chicken in front of like Triple H or something. I thought he was going to beat me up!”

How fans have become complicated:

“Back then, people thought [wrestling] was real. In these little towns… sometimes we had to stay in the building until 1 a.m., the show ended at 10. They were waiting around to get us. My car [had] tobacco spit all over the windshield, tires flattened. It was bad. The heat was real back then. The people believed it. We believed it. We worked ourselves into a shoot back then. The business was so easy back then. They made it so complicated.”

Wippleman also talked about managing Giant Gonzalez, working with Jerry Lawler, and more. You can hear the full interview by clicking here.