Former WWE IC Champ Rips Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter, And More During Recent Indy Show (Video)

Last night, former WWE Intercontinental Champion "The Franchise" Shane Douglas was at AdenaMania 2, an independent pro wrestling show held by NWA tag team legend Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics. Before his main event match with Fulton, Douglas had some choice words to say about Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter, and a list of WWE Hall of Famers in his heel-laced promo.


"[While Vince McMahon was creating] cartoonland, the type of stuff the little kiddies here in the audience here like, we started a company called ECW. I told Vince where he could shove it, and told bimbos like Dixie Carter how she was screwing it up. For those of you who weren't a part of the era of ECW, understand, you're looking at the guy that made ECW what ECW was. So, simply put: I'm as close to royalty in this sport as it comes.

"You can go shove your Ric Flairs. Whoops, I mean D*ck Flairs. You can pound your Hulk Hogans. Your Bret Harts can lace my boots. Your Shawn Michaels can lose his smile, and he's so afraid of me, he comes out and hands me his belt. Spineless!"

You can view the video below.