Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Requests Release

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger called in to Chael Sonnen's podcast this week and revealed that he has requested his release from WWE. Audio from the segment is above. Swagger said he requested the release yesterday and while it's still an "ongoing process," the decision came down to contract negotiations and the two sides were way off. Swagger said the company doesn't value him as much as he values himself and it's time to go.


Swagger added that he left WWE because he wasn't receiving opportunities. He's looking forward to wrestling in the UK, Mexico and Japan. Swagger also expressed interest in doing MMA if someone wants to pay him.

Swagger first signed with WWE back in 2006, later winning the World Heavyweight Title in 2009. Swagger has been off TV for a few months now and last wrestled at a live event in late January.

As of this writing, Swagger remains on WWE's roster page. Stay tuned for updates on his status. You can check out Swagger's appearance on the podcast below:

@KOllomani contributed to this article.