Goldberg On Accidentally Saying "Belt" Instead Of "Title", Changes In WWE, Relationship With Vince

On the debut episode of E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, professional wrestling greats Edge and Christian spoke with WWE Universal Champion Goldberg on a number of topics including WWE's list of approved words, his relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and how the WWE locker room has reacted to his return to the company.


During the interview, Goldberg accidentally said "belt" instead of "title" and divulged that a lot has changed since his last WWE run, including a list of approved words.  

"I took the belt, pardon me. I took the title, the [WWE] Universal title. Yeah, I forgot a lot of things in 13 years. There's a list of words, man. I didn't make it up."

When 'Captain Charisma' asked what has been different between Goldberg's current run with WWE and his previous one, the master of the Jackhammer powerslam replied that it is his relationship with McMahon that has made all the difference and Goldberg admitted that he wishes he had this relationship with McMahon during his prior run with the world's largest professional wrestling promotion.  


"I can sit down and I can have a conversation with Vince McMahon and we can look each other in the eye and we can speak on different terms, I believe. It's a relationship that I wish I would have had the first time. And I don't know because we're both older. I don't know, man. I can just tell you that it's completely different, guys."

According to Goldberg, the young WWE Superstars are very thankful to him and he feels like father-figure.

"I feel like dad. And, hey, I'm greatly appreciative of everybody with accepting me with open arms, at least it's seems as if they are, thanking me for being a part of the show, and saying that they've been fans of mine, and it's really cool. There's a great group of kids there, they really are. I'm only there sparingly, but it seems to be, the nucleus, they're on top of it. Now, it's a completely different nucleus of people than when we were there."

Goldberg professed that the locker room is much different from The Attitude Era and that everything is more structured now, perhaps from lacking trust in the talent to ad lib.  

"It just seems to me that it's just different, man. You don't have the big characters that you did back in the day. I mean, you do, but I don't know. It's hard to explain the landscape right now. It's just completely different from when we were there." Goldberg continued, "it's also having the talent to be able to do that and having the trust in them. And maybe there aren't as many as there were back in the day. There aren't, that have the ability to go out there and wing it and feel it. It seems as if it's a little bit more structured now. I'm walking that fine line now."


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Source: E&C Pod Of Awesomeness