Taped @ The Impact Zone In Orlando, Florida

The show kicks off with footage from a Pre-Impact meeting, where Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash have joined Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantel in the room. Mathews and Borash bicker throughout the meeting. Dutch says that everyone is in agreement on what to do next with The Davey Richards-Eddie Edwards situation.... When Dutch asks Bruce Prichard about meeting with EC3. Mathews chimes in, and says that Prichard has handled EC3 poorly. Prichard compares EC3 to Mathews, and says that both men think that everything is a joke... Karen Jarrett then walks into the meeting and apologizes for intruding. She asks that a meeting be set up in-ring between her and Sienna tonight. When Karen leaves, Jeremy Borash asks if he can file a motion to replace Josh Mathews on commentary. Borash mentions Mathews wife, Madison Rayne as a potential replacement, and says that Mathews isn't even the best commentator in his own family. After some more back and forth between JB and Josh.. Dutch cuts them off and adjourns the meeting. The video can be seen below.

After the meeting airs. It is followed by a video package with highlights of Karen Jarrett's return last week. Which can also be seen below.

In The Impact Zone, Karen Jarrett makes her way to the ring. The fans chant "Fire Josh" at her. Karen says that she has put that on her list, but that she has something more important to address now... Karen says that she is ashamed to have to talk about what has happened recently. She mentions that it started with the departure of Maria Kanellis Bennett. Karen says that Maria's departure has created an ugly situation in The Knockouts locker room. Karen says that there is one Knockout who is the sole cause of that, and it is Sienna. Whom Karen says has been bullying the other woman, and that she will not tolerate that in Impact Wrestling.

Sienna makes her way to the ring. She gets in Karen's face. Karen says that she has only been back for a short period of time and that she hasn't heard one good thing about Sienna from any one backstage. From not just the other Knockouts but also the "boys". Karen tells Sienna that she is her boss and will not tolerate her behavior. Sienna asks Karen to reveal who has been bad mouthing her backstage. When Karen refuses to reveal who has been giving her information. Sienna says that she already knows that it's that "home wrecker", Allie... Karen tells Sienna that she remembers being just like her in the past. That she said and did things that she still regrets to this day. Karen gives Sienna 15 seconds to apologize for her recent behavior. When Karen starts counting Sienna down. A man with a Mohawk makes her way to ring to take up Sienna's defense.

"KM" who notes that he is Sienna's cousin. He tells Karen to get that stupid look over her face. KM demands respect for his family and tells Karen to shut the hell up. KM then gives Karen 15 seconds to apologize to Sienna and their entire family.. KM begins his own 15 second countdown. Braxton Sutter and Allie make their way to the ring. Sutter goes after KM and knocks him out to the outside. Karen gets on the mic and books Sutter against KM tonight.

The commentators at ringside reset the show. They hype tonight's upcoming matches. A 4 way to determine the vacant Impact Wrestling tag titles, Moose defending the Impact Grand Championship and an X Division match between DJZ and Andrew Everett.

After the break, a video airs with the X division wrestlers talking about what the division means and what the action is like.

X Division Match
DJ Z vs. Andrew Everett

Fast paced action back and forth action between these two high flyers, which leads to an early standoff between the two. It doesn't take long for the action to get to the outside when DJ Z flies over the top rope and lands on Everett. DJ Z takes control for the next couple of minutes. Everett rallies with a springboard dropkick. The "Skywalker" continues his momentum by hitting a step up enzuguri. He follows that up by going to the top rope and trying to connect with a moonsault but DJZ puts his boots up and and hits Everett when he attempts to re-adjust and land on his feet. DJ Z then attempts his rolling ZDT on Everett, but gets caught in a small package and pinned by Everett.

Andrew Everett defeats DJ Z by pinfall

After the match, DJ Z is stunned by his defeat and leaves the ring. Everett then celebrates his victory. Shane Helms comes out with X Division Champion, Trevor Lee. Helms gets on the mic and mocks Everett's short winning streak. Helms promises Everett that he will get an opportunity to continue his winning streak next week on Impact. Helms doesn't specifically state what that "opportunity" will be, but it's inferred that it will be an X division title match against Trevor Lee.

When the show returns from the break. Jeremy Borash is in the ring and intros Rosemary. JB interviews Rosemary and puts over her dominance in the last 5 months. Rosemary calls herself the greatest Knockouts champion of all time. She says that as the "Demon Assassin", She has retired Gail Kim, dashed Sienna's hopes, ruined Brandi Rhodes personal life, and blackened the soul of Jade. Rosemary says that the entire Knockouts division should not attempt to challenge her.. Out comes ODB with her flask in hand. ODB introduces herself as an original and a 4 time "Knocked Up" champ.ODB toasts to Rosemary and then says that she will become a 5 time "Knocked Up" champ. Rosemary laughs off ODB and tells her that the "hive disagrees". A reference to her mind. When Rosemary attempts to leave. Brandi Rhodes, Kayci Quinn and MJ Jenkins make their way down the ramp The entire Knockouts locker room empties out along with Madison Rayne. They force Rosemary back into the ring. Madison Rayne takes the mic away from Borash and tells him not to touch her. Rayne insults all The Knockouts and touts her resume. Brandi gets on the mic and tells Rosemary that she wants a shot at her title. Diamante from LAX, says that she is not out here to talk, and all the women start brawling. As the show heads to break.

After the break.... The commentary team talks about what just happened in the ring with all the Knockouts. Jeremy Borash takes a picture with his cell phone of a fan holding a "Fire Josh Mathews" sign. Josh gets upset and calls JB a shill and a mark. He then calls him a ham and egger slapnut. Mathews rips on the fans and says that the people chanting for him to be fired are JB's relatives, and insults them for all getting into the show for free. The bickering leads to a Mathews challenge to Borash to get separate teams and go against each other. Borash shoots down Mathews idea.

Ethan Carter makes his way to the ring in dress casual attire with a Grey sportcoat. EC3 apologizes for some of the comments he made last week to Karen Jarrett. Carter says that Impact is changing and that he needs to change with it. He wants to go back to being the guy he used to be. Carter then lists off some of Impact's big stars. EC3 then mentions how he should and will be the top guy again. James Storm makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand. Storm says that he didn't hear Carter mention his name. EC3 apologizes and says that he only mentioned wrestlers who were multiple time world champions. Storm takes offense to this. He says that he respects EC3 and what he has done but states that he is the one who built this company. Storm asks EC3 where he was when James was on the companies first ever pay-per-view. EC3 says that he was in high school and was watching at home. Storm then asks EC3 where he was in 2004, Carter responds that he was in college partaking in "nefarious activities". Storm talks about being in America's Most Wanted. The night that Elix Skipper walking a tightrope across a 15 foot steel cage. Carter is once again asked where he was, and states that he was watching, thinking that it was very dangerous. Storm then brings up Beer Money. Carter says that when James was in that team. He was drinking a lot of beer and spending a lot of money doing do. Storm likes Carter's answer. ... James says that they both have the same mindset to be world champs again, and that he is the one who deserves the first shot based on what he has done in his career..... EC3 says that the decision of who should be challenging for the world title, should be left up to the fans, and not the office. Storm and Carter then play to all the fans and point to them. Carter and Storm agree to let the fans decide who should challenge for the Impact World Championship between the two of them.

A video package airs for The Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. In it, they talk about their backgrounds, coming to Impact and how their goal is to become champs.

After the break. A video package airs for Reno Scum. Who are also challenging for the vacant Impact Tag Team Titles.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose vs. Cody w/Brandi Rhodes

Cody comes to the ring with The GFW Next Gen title around his waist. The Grand Championship rules and round structure remains in the new Impact Wrestling.

Round 1: Moose takes the fight to Cody early and chops him in the corner repeatedly. Cody battles back from the corner with a tornado ddt. Cody showboats and pays for it. Moose hits three consecutive high impact moves on him. A pop up powerbomb, standing senton and then a moonsault. It leads to a near pinfall. The action goes to the outside with 90 seconds left in the round. Both men trade strikes on the outside. Moose stands up Cody in front of the ringpost. He goes for a chop but misses. Cody winds up to superkick Moose but ends up knocking one of the judges out of his chair instead. With just seconds left in the round. Both men head back inside the ring and Cody hits a hangman's ddt on Moose. Time runs out on the round. The show goes to break and when it returns, Bruce Prichard has taken the spot of the judge who was kicked by Cody.

Round 1 Scorecard: Moose wins the round 29-28. With Judges 2 and 3 scoring the round 10-9 in his favor.

Cody throws a tantrum when the scorecard is read. Mathews on commentary says that Prichard scored the round. Guess he was judge 3?.....

Round 2: Cody attacks Moose at the outset here. He then takes over with a basement dropkick to Moose's knee. Cody then gives Moose a taste of his own medicine with the "game changer" discus clothesline. Cody then goes to work on Moose's right knee. Moose tries to get the momentum back when he school boys Cody and gets a 2 count out of it. He then lifts up Cody and tries to powerbomb him, but Cody breaks out of it, and sends Moose to the outside. With a minute left in the round. Cody attempts a springboard splash on Moose, but gets caught in mid-air, and apron powerbombed. Moose then grabs a hold of a steel chair and tries to strike Cody. Brandi gets in his way with help from Cody. The hesitation by Moose leads to Cody kicking the steel chair into Moose's head. Cody gets Moose back into the ring and clamps on a figure four leglock. Time runs out with Moose refusing to tap out.

Round 2 Scorecard: Cody wins the round 29-28. Judge 1 scored the round 10-9 for Moose. While Judge 2 and Prichard scored it 10-9 for Cody.

Round 3: Before the round starts. Brandi starts yelling at Cody and scolds him for his behavior. She says that she doesn't care if Cody and Moose kill one another. Brandi then leaves ringside....

The final round starts and both men trade strikes in the center of the ring. Cody gains control with some stiff forearms. Moose battles back with a big boot and a standing drop kick. Both men trade strikes again but this time Moose wins the battle and crotch chops Cody. Moments later, Cody hits the beautiful disaster on Moose and both men are down. With just a minute left.. Both men get back to their feet and trade blows. They end up knocking each other down. The clock runs out with both men trading more strikes. The fans start chanting one more round after the bell rings.

Round 3 Scorecard: Judges 1 and 3 score the round 10-9 for Moose. Judge 2 scored the final round 10-9 for Cody.

Moose defeats Cody by split decision to retain The Impact Grand Championship

After the match, Moose gets in Cody's face and trash talks him. A frustrated Cody walks out of the ring. Josh Mathews on commentary protests the result of the match.

A video package that airs chronicling the recent events between former Wolves partners, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. After the video, A last man standing match is announced for next week's Impact.

Before the next match can begin. Karen Jarrett makes her way to the broadcast table. She hands a note to Jeremy Borash. JB announces that there will be a Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal on Impact next week to determine the next #1 contender.

Braxton Sutter w/Allie vs. KM w/Sienna

Evenly contested battle here with a lot of brawling. KM hits a nice looking drop kick on Sutter. He uses some unique offense to gain control of the match. Both men end up knocking each other down with a double clothesline. Sienna then chases after Allie at ringside. KM tries to grab Allie when she runs into the ring, but she escapes. The distraction helps Sutter gain control when he hits a flurry of moves on KM. Once again, Sienna gets involved. This time, She grabs Allie. It causes Sutter to get distracted. KM hits Braxton from behind, and then hits a power bomb into a back stabber to secure the victory.

KM defeats Braxton Sutter by pinfall

When Allie goes to tend to Sutter in the ring. Sienna grabs her. Allie breaks free from her clutches and lands some forearms on her. KM tries to grab Allie from behind but Sutter is back up. All 4 start trading strikes in the ring. Allie and Sutter run off KM and Sienna. Laurel Van Ness shows up on the stage screaming and she is still in her wedding dress, holding a champagne bottle with her makeup smeared.

An LAX vignette airs. They are playing cards, drinking beers and tequila. Konnan instructs Homicide to insure that no one stops them from winning the Impact Tag Title tonight. Konnan tells Diamante to watch out for Rosemary.

After the break. Another vignette airs. This time for the "Fury Will Be Unleashed" 4-13-17 tease. In the video, a woman is seen walking down a flight of stairs and brief shots are shown of the man she is with. At one point, In a quick flash, You can see the woman looking at a photo of Allie and Braxton Sutter.

4 Way Match For The Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship
Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve) w/Rosemary vs. Reno Scum (Thornstowe & Luster) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/Diamante, Konnan & Homicide vs. The Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

A lot of action in this one. There are rules to this one but they are barely adhered to and everyone gets involved in the fray early on. The action heads to the outside and Laredo Kid dives off the ring post and onto everyone. Garza Jr. follows suit and does the same thing. As the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Garza Jr. and Laredo are continuing their tandem high flying offense. Kid hits a 450 splash on Santana. Garza Jr. hits a second rope moonsault onto him as well. Ortiz comes into the ring and LAX evens the odds. They hit a tandem flying leg drop on Laredo demolition style. Abyss tags himself in and goes to work on Laredo. Reno Scum gets into the match and they try to finish off the Laredo Kid. Kid rallies with a tilt a whirl DDT. Laredo is finally out of the match after several minutes. LAX comes in and takes complete control. They take out Reno Scum and then go to work on Decay. They hit what they call the street sweeper on Abyss. Santana and Ortiz then drape Crazzy Steve over the top rope and hit a tandem foot stomp/cutter. Rosemary tries to sneak into the ring from behind LAX, and Diamante comes in and spears her. Laredo Kid attempts to dive into the ring but gets caught by Ortiz. LAX then hits a tandem blockbuster powerbomb on Kid and pin him to win the match.

LAX defeats Garza Jr. & The Laredo Kid, Decay & Reno Scum to become The New Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions

The show ends with LAX in the ring celebrating winning the titles.