Jim Ross Says His Wife Would Have Wanted Him To Attend WrestleMania 33 Week In Orlando

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is headed to Orlando this week to fulfill his WrestleMania 33 Week commitments, despite losing his wife Jan at the age of 55 last week. Ross will have two "Ringside" shows on Saturday and Sunday. Details are available at TicketFly.com. Ross took to his official website and blogged on why he's still making the trip to Orlando:

For those who may be wondering why I've decided to go to Orlando and participate in Wrestlemania week it is simply because I truly think that is what Jan would have wanted. I will be able to be around friends and fans in a positive environment of which I feel that I need.

The alternative was to stay home and continue to be reminded of what I've lost, if that makes sense. Being around my old friends and the many fans that I hope to interact with in Orlando is a blessing that I need to experience. Jan loved Wrestlemania week I think as much as Christmas because she shopped, she loved Louis Vuitton, would get dressed up and could be entertained for hours simply conversing with the many people and friends that we connected with during our 21 year run together in WWE. That's not including all our WCW friends we knew in Atlanta who will also be in Orlando for a variety of reasons.

Our talent relations department had an unprecedented run in WWE as evidenced by the stars that our team was able to sign, train and develop. Many of these talents are still major, WWE contributors today. Jan was a huge part of that team as her hosting 'in home visits' from a variety of talents over the years and feeding them home cooked meals, listening to them and being their friend, and their spouse's friend with no agenda was a huge asset for our WWE team.

Jan's organs have saved four lives thus far which is a bountiful blessing for our family and I know that Jan would have been proud that she could help so many folks get a new lease on their lives. If you aren't an organ donor, please consider such as it is something that Jan and I believed in and I am also a organ donor thanks to my wife's passion regarding the matter.

For those who have lost a loved one unexpectedly, you know of what I am experiencing as not an hour goes by that I don't get taken back to reality that my best friend and soul mate is gone forever.

Jan and I have a four year old male, silver Persian cat named Mickey. Mickey can't find his"Mom" aka my wife Jan. Little Mickey is distraught and won't eat and is listless. I hope that he kicks out of his malaise, same as me actually, at some point but until then it's heartbreaking to hear the little fella crying. I have no shame in saying that I've shed ample tears regarding Mickey's reaction to his most devoted love one not being here any longer.

Source: JR's BBQ


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