Joe Rogan On His Problems With GSP - Michael Bisping Title Fight, Conor McGregor Note, TUF Preview

- The intensity between coaches on The Ultimate Fighter almost always overshadows the actual series. That might once again be the case for the upcoming season, as Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw get physical with one another during a video promo released.

The series is unique this time around, as it is bringing back several former UFC fighter and even ex-TUF champions. Garbrandt, the reigning UFC bantamweight champion, and Dillashaw, a former titleholder, are expected to square off later this year. The series debuts on FOX Sports 1 April 19.

- Joe Rogan isn't a fan of the upcoming Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre middleweight championship bout. Rogan, the veteran color commentator for the promotion, told ESPN's 5ive Rounds that he wanted to see Yoel Romero get the next shot at Bisping.

"I really want to see Yoel Romero get a shot at the title," Rogan said. "I know he's waiting, he's waiting right now for what I think is an interesting fight between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre. I think that's an interesting fight. I don't like it in terms of the hierarchy of the division. I think that, as far as the division goes, it's not good at all. It sort of hijacks the whole situation."

Rogan continued, calling into question the idea of even having champions at all.

"Why have a champion at all? Just set up great fights," he said. "And if you're just setting up great fights, well that's a great fight. Bisping versus GSP is a great fight. If you're going to have a title, this is the champion of the world, then the champion should be defending his title against the number one challenger and that right now is Yoel Romero."

- Conor McGregor posted the photo below on Twitter, thanking his left hand for making him millions. McGregor, the reigning UFC lightweight champion, has remained relatively quiet as rumors continue to swirl regarding a bout with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

For now, "Notorious" remains on the sidelines while his girlfriend prepares to give birth to their first child.